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Alanya HEP University

Number of students
2200€ - 2750€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 03, September 02
Application Deadline
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Offered Programs

Alanya HEP Univesity offers numerous courses and programs at various levels to students As a non-profit private university, the institution seeks to provide student quality education at a highly affordable rate. It is the goal of the university to reduce the burden of tuition expenses on the student.

The university provides foundational courses, vocational courses, undergraduate and graduate courses to students, and the diploma attained upon completion of these courses is accepted worldwide.

In addition to these courses, Alanya HEP University offers preparatory Turkish and English language courses for students who need them.

As a non-profit private university, the university is easily recognized as one of the most affordable universities in Turkey, offering quality educational services to their students.

The institution tries to develop students in the field of Architecture, computer engineering, culinary, arts, and numerous vocational programs.

Part-time and full-time learning options are available to students according to their learning preferences. Annual tuition at Alanya HEP University starts at 4,400 USD for all levels of study.

Application Requirements to Alanya HEP University

Bachelor’s Admission Post-graduate Admission (Masters) Post-graduate Admission (Ph.D.)
Filled online application form via RocApply Filled online application form via RocApply Filled online application form via RocApply
A copy of the applicant’s international passport or travel document A copy of the applicant’s international passport or travel document A copy of the applicant’s international passport
Birth certificate Transcripts officially secured from a previous bachelor's degree program detailing the courses taken and their grades accordingly. Official transcripts from a bachelor’s degree program detailing the courses taken and grades obtained.
High school leaving certificate showing grades and results. Bachelor’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution Official transcripts from a master’s program detailing the courses taken and the grades obtained
Proof of English language results (IELTS or TOEFL mostly) however, this is not compulsory for students from English speaking countries or students who received their education in English. Test of English language (IELTS or TOEFL mostly) however, this is not compulsory for students from English speaking countries or students who received their education in English. Bachelor’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
All documents must be translated into English or Turkish if obtained in a foreign language Resume or CV Master’s degree certificate from a recognized higher institution
Other Other Motivation letter

Select your Degree

Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • English Proficiency (Where applicable)

Select your field of study for Bachelors

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Tuition and Scholarships at Alanya HEP University

There are numerous scholarship opportunities available for both new and old students as well as local and international students. Similarly, all students can apply for scholarships and grants based on the eligibility criteria on scholarship websites sponsored by private institutions.

Alanya HEP University has contracted numerous partnership with private agencies, government institutions as well as NGOs. Students can look at the websites of their embassies in Turkey to search for state-sponsored scholarships at Alanya HEP University.

The university also supports students by providing them with annual scholarships or grants. This is awarded to new or old students who have shown academic excellence in their past academic records.

The scholarship awarded by the university mostly covers only tuition fees for that academic session. However, when students maintain a high honor CGPA, this scholarship can be sustained.

International students are also encouraged to apply to the prestigious Turkiye Burslari (Turkish Scholarships), granted to current international students in all academic programs.

The Turkish scholarships cover the tuition fee, housing fee in any state-owned student dormitories as well as monthly allowance. Applying to the Turkish Scholarships is done online on the application portal.

Applying for a scholarship or grant at Alanya HEP University is very easy and as follows:

  • Check eligibility requirements.
  • Fill the application form for the respective scholarship or grant.
  • Submit the form and the other required documents before the deadline.
  • If shortlisted, an interview will be scheduled between the student and a panel.
  • If successful, a scholarship or discount will be applied.

Cost of living at Alanya HEP University

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Alanya HEP University

Alanya Hamdullah Emin Pasa University (Alanya HEP University) was established in 2011 as a foundation university in Alanya. The university is named after Hamdullah Emin Pasa who was a Turkish Scholar in the 1800s.

Hamdullah Emin Pasa together with his wife Hatice opened an education foundation in Alanya in 1932 to improve literacy in his region. The foundation provides education, accommodation, scholarship, and support to students. The school was founded in 2011 upon the acceptance of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.

It accepted its first students in 2014 into three departments, 75 students in a total of which 15 were foreigners. The first departments were the Architectural Department, Department of Gastronomy and Culinary, and the Arts Tourism Management Department.

Currently, the university included numerous vocational schools such as the School of Foreign Languages, which consists of Basic English (Preparatory class) and Modern Language courses, and many others. Due to the orientation of the HEP foundation, the Alanya HEP University is a private not for profit institution aimed at providing the best professional education to students and minimum cost.

Alanya HEP University aims to provide high-quality university education and a multicultural learning environment through its faculties and vocational centers. Similarly, the institution aims to improve student’s growth by providing them with the most qualified academic staff as well as a high standard technological approach to education.

The university is in the beautiful city of Antalya. Antalya is a Turkish border city, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Due to its location, Antalya is a place of touristic interest with a rich cultural history.

Student Life at Alanya HEP University

Student life ranges from student associations to student activities organized on a yearly or monthly basis.

Similarly, festivals are organized by the university to celebrate the cultures of students. Other facets of student life at Alanya Hep University include:

Social events and festivities

Students are Alanya HEP University can benefit from a wide range of social programs and events. Events are not usual thematic, hence, they cover a broad spectrum of issues such as academic life, sports, business, arts and crafts, cultural events, and lots more.

Similarly, due to the exciting nature of the city, social events and festivities are held on a large scale and most times can go on for days.

The culture and tradition of the students are also celebrated through the international day held annually at the university.

Students are encouraged to join one or more student clubs and associations according to their interests. Being a very diverse university, different clubs and associations are present in the university.

Every semester, club members organize events and activities beneficial to every student of the university. Excursion and educational tours are organized by the university for students to visit parts of Antalya or all of Turkey.

Medical Care

All international students possessing a residency permit (students staying over 6 months) must join the “National Health Insurance”.

By joining this insurance plan, the personal burden of medical expenses is significantly reduced. When seeking medical care, please be certain to carry the residence card.


The university as a member of the European Erasmus scheme conducts exchange students with other universities.

Eligible students can apply for Erasmus exchange programs and can spend a semester or less at another European university, thus, experiencing different cultures and traditions while in a new learning environment.

Why Study at Alanya HEP University


Alanya HEP University combines an innovative approach to its learning process. In this regard, standard facilities and equipment are used in every part of the university. The lecture rooms, laboratories, offices, study centers, and every building on the campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to make the learning process less tedious, more efficient, and readily available. The university boasts of an ultra-modern library, containing thousands of books that can also be reached online. Classrooms and learning centers are filled with standard gadgets and learning materials to support the learning process. Similarly, students can benefit from the internet connection that can be reached from every part of the campus.

Courses & Structure

Alanya HEP University prides itself on the development and growth of its students, hence, the education process is filled with research and practical knowledge. The courses are structured according to ECTS standard, therefore, providing quality education to students. Courses are also structured in the form of outdoor learning where students can enjoy a learning experience beyond the theoretical aspect of education. Students are sure to benefit immensely from the course structure at Alanya HEP University.

Career Opportunities

Graduates from Alanya HEP University are widely employed in their areas of specialization since they are already groomed for the career world by the university. The university expresses its support for students even after graduation, by introducing students to companies and other firms for employment purposes.

Academic Staff

The academic staff is composed of leading teachers, professors, and professionals in the field of culinary, architecture, arts and design, and engineering. Additionally, due to the importance of research, the academic staff is encouraged by the university to conduct competitions, seminars, excursions, culinary courses, and field trips to improve student abilities. Academic staff is composed of people from all around the world, hence, the multiethnic nature is strong at the university.

Accommodation Alanya HEP University

On Campus Accomodation at Alanya HEP University

Alanya HEP University offers accommodation to students. Students can access this housing option on a first come first serve basis. Hence, it is important to immediately notify the university if you will be needing the accommodation on campus.

The cost of this accommodation usually starts from 300 Turkish Lira monthly and it includes the cost of utility bills. The room contains a bed, internet connection, fridge, TV, chairs, a reading area, a general kitchen, and a bathroom.

Similarly, the university in partnership with private firms and hostel owners provides accommodation to students. The cost of this housing is usually very cheap, and the rooms are fully furnished. Similarly, these housings are close to campus, hence, the cost of transportation is also greatly reduced for students.

Off Campus Accomodation at Alanya HEP University

Some students choose to reside in private houses and apartments according to their budget. Students can choose from several housing options and the university often assists them in arranging these accommodations with the landlords.

The expense of leasing off-campus apartments changes from area to area in proximity to the city square and they have different conditions for rent. Commonly, the cost of renting an apartment a month usually starts from 700 Turkish Liras.

Renting an apartment out of campus usually means that utilities such as electricity, water, heating, cable tv, and internet all come separate from the rent and students would have to pay the utility bill. However, the cost of living in Alanya is relatively low compared to other parts of Turkey.

Sports at Alanya HEP University

A major goal of Alanya HEP University is to improve the skills and abilities of its students as well as to contribute to the improvement of physical health through the development of quality recreation, education, and cultural activities and physical abilities. Some of the sporting activities offered include football, general body fitness, basketball, swimming, and many others.

Due to its support for sports, the university has hosted many international and national sports competitions such as swimming marathon, mountain biking, beach volleyball, beach football.

Students are widely encouraged to participate in sports. The ultra-modern fitness center on campus serves hundreds of students every day.

Due to the importance accrued to sports, the university provides social scholarships to students on the sports team, similarly, competitions are held within the campus and the winners are handsomely rewarded.

Food at Alanya HEP University

To meet the feeding needs of students, there are several restaurants and canteens on campus where students can buy food at very cheap prices. Similarly, the student dormitories equally have food centers where students can buy a home-cooked meal at affordable prices.

For students living in private accommodation, the cost of feeding in Antalya is relatively cheaper compared to other parts of Turkey.

Due to the tourist nature of the city, there are numerous fast food stores and chain restaurants in Alanya, students have a variety of food vendors to choose from and usually at very low cost.

Also, students can buy fresh ingredients from the market and make their food. Bearing in mind the diverse nature of the location, students can easily choose from a wide range of food items that they are familiar with.

Transportation at Alanya HEP University

Antalya is recognized as one of the major cities in Turkey, therefore, it boasts of a formidable transport system consisting of long buses, mini-buses, taxis, public buses, trains, metro buses, and many others. Hence, students can access any of this transport medium in their commute to and from the university campus.

Transportation to the university from any part of the city is very cheap and students are offered discounted when using public transportation.

Every student is expected to have the Antalya student card as most transport systems do not take cash but only payments done through this card. There are various kinds of cards with varying prices, however, the student card pays the lowest transport fare.

About Antalya

Alanya is a resort town located in Antalya. Alanya is easily recognized as one of the oldest cities of Turkey which has been occupied by numerous civilizations in times past.

Due to its location, it has grown over the years to signify a major touristic city in Turkey. Because of its location between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains, numerous historical and natural attractions, Alanya is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Turkey.

The University has a settlement plan that integrates with Alanya so that personnel and students can benefit from the advantages of centralization and accessibility.

Alanya is famous for outdoor activities such as sailing, gliding, mountain climbing, and windsurfing. It is also the place with the largest waterpark in Europe.

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