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Lifestyle and Culture in Turkey

The life and culture of Turkey boasts the best of both worlds new and advanced as well as reserved and ancient. Turkish people have a rich heritage and tradition which they value dearly and continue to exhibit and share to the rest of its world to this day.

The landscapes, language, buildings and rich political history dating back to the Roman Empire continue to exist everywhere in this magnificent country and tell a beautiful unique story of the Turkish people. Some of the household names that turkey takes pride in include Constantine, Alexandra the Great, and Genghis Khan.

Turkey boasts of beautiful cities (Istanbul) and features Mosques, ruins, palace gardens and splendid contour mountains. On the other hand, in as much as Turkey has firm historical routes and is an Islam influenced nation, the country is largely secular and allows for practice of other religions as well as western cultures and activities hence international students will definitely not feel neglected or isolated.

Modern Turkey’s cultural dimension is just as fascinating as the ancient landmarks that dot the country’s landscape. A combination of foreign influences have created a dynamic blend of east and west, reflecting their unique position on both the Asian and European regions. The early Roman times, Ottoman Empirical control and steady 20th century immigration from the Balkans, Greece and other European destinations have all helped shape modern North Cyprus (Turkey).

There are two things that seem to unite all Turkis. The first is faith, and the second is soccer. Soccer is almost as important when it comes to local culture. Turks follow the sport closely, and the country even boasts a very competitive professional league. A majority of natives are Muslims, but variations and levels of Islam are found across the region. 

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