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Student Life in Turkey

Turkey has in the recent years experienced a surge in international students studying in its Tertiary institutions. This is a great testimony to the great student life which is found in the country. Turkey has as a holistic economic, social, sporting and entertainment environment that is not only safe but affordable or students to live comfortably and flourish in their studies.

Student life in Turkey is interesting because it not only consists of studying, it consists also of fun, making friends, some interesting and useful programs for students and also here there are always some conferences and seminars for students across the universities.

Apart from university life, you will have the chance to explore this beautiful country. Most of the activities on offer are outdoors-based, making the country a nature lover’s dream destination. The latter statement saves the pulling factor for most students here!

Universities have Student Unions and Councils, which is a self-governed, representative body, aims to protect students’ rights, discuss issues and present the issues to their superiors. The Student Councils aim at involving students in the scientific and research works directing them to science and promoting the future scientific potential of the Universities. Student issues that affect their every day lives are addressed by these councils and pave way for development across a number of spheres during their study course.

Turkey has several tourist sites and destinations to which students can gladly visit and get side down fun time. Students’ often can easily secure part-time jobs all year through in hotels, casinos, bars, markets or arms and hence are able to supplement their funds and help meet their day to day needs.

Here more reasons why student life in Turkey is awesome!

  • Cost of living is cheap and reasonable in comparison to regional prices i.e. food, accommodation, transport, going out.

  • Multicultural environment

  • Safe and peaceful country

  • Amazing natural scenes or leisure beaches and mountains

  • Vibrant and active nightlife for students to enjoy themselves.

Students also enjoy a diversity of extracurricular activities to keep their mind off school and socialize meet and make new friends that include sporting facilities and clubs found both on campus and in the community centres. Among the common activities include gymnasiums, basketball, tennis, swimming, soccer, and art and culture club, dance club just to name a few.

Most urban cities have several amenities and services catered or a university student with affordable restaurants and eat out spots or those looking or a quick bite, game centre bowling, PlayStation, skiing etc. and cinema halls always updated blockbusters and in 3D.

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