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Nightlife and Restaurants in Turkey

The country is a broth-lover’s paradise and when it comes to hearty meals, they take the cake. In the larger cities there are abundant international treats, so travelers looking for a taste of home will have no trouble find an establishment to their liking. However, traditional Turkish cuisine is almost found everywhere, inexpensive and delicious.

Local flavors come from a combination of surrounding cultures, including Mediterranean, Central Asian and Middle Eastern. From sit-downoutlets to street kebab stalls, there are plenty of selects. The nightlife in Turkey is trimmed around the larger conurbations where both local and foreign drinks can be purchased. Many clubs and pubs are open until the sun rise.

Some of the best places for a Turkish night out are in Istanbul (the capital), Ankara and Bodrum. In Istanbul, Crystal is a massive underground nightclub that rolls out the tunes until 5:00 a.m. especially on the weekends. Heavy metal can be heard until 3:00 a.m. at the famous DoRock. Jazz fans will be able to enjoy a full set every night at Biz Jazz Bar also in the capital.

Kitir is the sister branch of the famous club of the same name in Istanbul. Another fantastic option in the capital is Crossroads is one of Turkey’s liveliest after hours places. One of the more consistently crowded corners is Kule Rock City in Bodrum, a rock club with a massive reputation. Halikarnas in Bodrum is a trendy spot that boasts one of the largest outdoor dance floors in Turkey with loud, modern music vibrating well into the night.

The best dining and views in the capital are found in the district of Galata. 360 Istanbul serves up great food against a backdrop of panoramic vistas. A more expensive restaurant also with awesome, views is NuTeras, while fantastic seafood is found in Park Fora here. Views of the water and the Bosphorus Bridge can be enjoyed in the capital.

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