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Overall, the country is a vibrant nation in which life is lived in proximity with others. Cities are bustling and densely populated, and much of life centers on gathering to share food and daily life. The country’s historical sights, restaurants, and outdoor spaces all provide prime locations for connecting with friends and family. Tonga’s community-oriented traditions makes for a full and hearty adventure.

Many scholars opt to spend a summer, semester, or academic year studying abroad in Tonga for its wonderfully accommodative environment for foreigners. No matter your program duration, as astudent here you can earn academic credit, enhance their profiles, and develop their global awareness. While you are studying in Tonga you may also find internand volunteerabroad opportunities that will propel youto your careers and fulfill their dreams. To browse study abroad in Tonga programs, apply here on RocApply, all for free.

After experiencing a beautiful semester abroad in Tonga you will realize that studying abroad is one of the most fulfilling and self-improving experiences one can go through. After your studies, we guarantee you that you will start to see life from a new perspective. Some imperfections you will begin to perceive as positive qualities, and some positive assets as defects which is important for your personal development.

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About Tonga

“Welcome to the Friendly Islands!!” is how you will be welcomed on arrival to Tonga, and with a cool display of hospitality provided by the locals, you will soon realize why this nickname is wholly suiting. Comprising of one-hundred and seventy-six islands in the South Pacific Ocean, of which fifty-two are inhabited, Tonga provides an enchanting place to get away and soak up tropical island life.

Tonga presents an undulating environment in which travelers can take part in water sports, such as diving and snorkeling, in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. In these waters, it is common to spot migrating humpback whales, and if you go with a licensed professional, you can swim with these curious mammals. There are ample boating chances around Tonga, and chartering a yacht to go island hopping is a popular adventure here.

The country has long been used to receiving travelers, ranking as one of the most frequented places in the South Pacific region. Across all of the main islands, you will be provided with comfortable and top-end standard accommodation. There are plenty of places to dine, with the food outlets here providing a great blend of local and international cuisine. In particular, if you are a seafood lover, you must try the outstanding lobster.

The Tongan islands cover a large area of the Pacific Ocean, at around 270,000 square miles. There are scheduled flights to get you around the major islands or you can rent a boat. However, even if you just visit one island, your trip to Tonga will be worthwhile, with many wonderful beaches and cultural attractions on the main island of Tongatapu alone.

Like so many other Tropical places, Tonga experiences only two distinct seasons per year: one wet season and one dry season. The wet season is from November to March and the dry season May to November. Surprisingly the average temperature in the wet season is higher than that of the dry season but the precipitation levels are notably higher. The most popular time to visit Tonga is during the dry season when beaches and scuba are at their best, but if you want to go whale watching the best time to visit is July and September.

Most travelers arrive at the international airport in the capital, Nuku’alofa, on the major island of Tongatapu. From here, it is possible to transit onward to other islands by domestic flight. There are taxis available here, however, most hotels offer free transfer and sightseeing services around the island. Another alternative is to a car, which is only possible on Tongatapu. Elsewhere, the islands are small and friendly enough to trek.

About Tonga's Economy

We know how students get concerned about the quality of life in a foreign country! No one would just travel with an appreciation of the economy of the country of destination which is why we have dedicated this section to inform you about the economy of Tonga. The information here will but only enhance your decision-making process for studying abroad here. We hope after you are done reading through you will save time to apply with RocApply to the university of your choice!

Agriculture is the mainstay of the Tongan economy. Squash, coconuts, bananas, and vanilla beans contribute the main cash crops, and other important crops include yams, taro, cassava, corn, watermelons, pineapples, breadfruit, limes, and tomatoes. All land is essentially owned by the Tongan government, but large estates have been divided among the country’s nobles. Land is parceled out to peasant proprietors: traditionally, every male age sixteen or over was entitled to an allotment of 7.5 acres of land for cultivation; more recently, population growth has reduced the size of actual allotments in many places. Timber production, livestock raising, and fishing also contribute to the economy.

Many of Tonga’s items are consumed domestically, but imports mainly from New Zealand, Singapore, the United States, Fiji, and Australia form the majority of the goods consumed in the country. Food and beverages account for the biggest category of imports, in terms of value. Exports include mainly agricultural crops and fish, and New Zealand, Japan, Australia, and the United States of America are the chief destinations.

Products include concrete products, construction and transportation equipment, furniture, clothing, food products, and various tiny handicrafts. A small mining industry quarries coral and sand. Crop processing and marketing have been undertaken by cooperative communities. Remittances from Tongans working overseas especially in New Zealand, the United States, and Australia and tourism have both contributed significantly to the growth of its economy.

About one-fourth of Tonga’s road network consists of paved all-weather roads, almost all of which are situated on the two largest islands; the remaining roads are of dirt or coral. Tonga has no railroad. Nukuʿalofa and Neiafu are ports used for external shipping. Copra and bananas are exported from Pangai. Constant international air service to New Zealand, Fiji, Australia, Samoa, American Samoa, Niue, and Hawaii is available from Fuaʿamotu International Airport on Tongatapu.

Why Study in Tonga

Affordable Tuition Fees in Tonga
If you are looking for universities in Tonga, then be sure to join the community of students from over 75 countries, and experience a vibrant campus life that is a reflection of the country's cultural diversity. You will immerse yourself in a multicultural environment that will gravitate your career prospects to the next level while growing your international community network!
Affordable Accomodation in Tonga
Although most of the country's inhabitants prefer going from one place to another by car, walking in the city gives you a great opportunity to explore all the town’s curiosities and secrets spots is made easier.Whether you’re after groceries, bookstores, a good place to eat or drink, or unknown antique shops, you’ll be able to find it all within walking distance from your dorm or other residences.This makes universities easily accessible and less costly to attend!
International Environment in Tonga
While most of the country lacks public green spaces, other spots around Tonga will not disappoint students in offering beautiful scenery to get their minds off deadlines and heavy workloads. The country is so small that you can go skiing in Faraya and then head for lunch on the shores, all on the same day. Hook up with friends roll on weekends!
Great Weather in Tonga
Academically Empowering
Today Tonga embraces a rapid growth in its Education Sector following the opening up of many tertiary institutions all over the nation to cater to the rising demand for education and training of the youth in various aspects of the fast-growing global market. The government prioritizes investment in education in the hopes that it will prove a catalyst to sustainable growth and poverty reduction. This emphasis on tertiary education also implies that many of the youths of the country are increasingly competent.

Scholarships in Tonga

Students from Tonga looking for a Ph.D. scholarship, Masters Scholarships, or Undergraduate scholarships to fund their education abroad can check here latest international Scholarships for Tonga Students announced by foreign universities and governments right on our website. The list of scholarship range from fully funded to limited support or tuition fee waiver and suggested as top Scholarships for Tonga Students.

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Tonga Student Visa

Obtaining a visa is required and must be valid six months after the return date of your stay in Tonga. Your passport must not bear a visa or a stamp from Israel. A passport stamped by Israel leads to a refusal. The visa is compulsory, to get one, go to the Tonga Embassy in your home country with the required documents or go on the consulate website. It will be valid for ninety days from the date of delivering. European Union nationals can also obtain a visa at the airportof Beirut. To do so, you only have to hold a valid passport.