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There are a few places in Tokelau where you can buy the products that you need for your day-to-day stay in Tokelau. The most popular places to buy products are markets, where you can find fresh produce and handicrafts.

You can find several vegetable markets in Tokelau where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables and other agricultural produce. You can also find some handicrafts in the village of Fakaofo where you can buy several handicrafts to take back home as a souvenir.

Tokelauan handicrafts are well known for their quality.

Online shopping- most travelers staying in the islands prefer to shop online due to the limited shopping places in Tokelau. You can buy from any online store at the touch of a button.

There are several stores including clothing stores, grocery stores, fresh fruit and vegetable stores, appliances and electronics and so many more. There are many of these including Ina Vokich, Eric dress, and Macy's to mention but a few.

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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