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Several airlines operate of Mali Airports to bring convenience to travelers. Travelers to Mali can choose from a wide range of Airlines that are available. 

Airports in MALI

If you are looking forward to traveling to Mali, knowledge of the various airports and their location is very crucial. RocApply provides you with several airports in Mali that you can use depending on where you are traveling to. 

Keita International Airport- Is formerly known as Bamako Senou International Airport. It is the main airport in Mali and is located about 15km away from Bamako. It is Mali’s only international airport.

It was opened in 1974 and by 2015 it was already projected to handle up to 900 000 passengers. It has a single terminal for both domestic and international flights but is divided into two sections for arrivals and departures. The airport has a business lounge.

Gundam Airport- This is an airport serving Gundam which is located 8km away from Gundam. It has a dirt runway.

Kayes Airport- this is a public airport located in Kayes with one asphalt runway of about 2700 meters.

Kenieba Airport- this an airport in Kenieba serving the town if the same name in the Kayes region. It has only one runway of about 900m in length.

Koutiala Airport- it is an airport located and serving Koutiala located about 5km away from the town. It has a dirt runway.

Mopti Airport- is the airport that serves the city of Mopti, also known as Ambodejo Airport. It has an asphalt surface and is used for both public and military use.

Nioro Airport- this is a public airport that serves Nioro du Sahel in the Kayes region. It has an asphalt surface of about 1634metres.

Sikasso Airport- is an airport located in and serving Sikasso in Mali. It has a paved surface or runway.

Yelimane Airport- this is an airport that serves the desert town if Yelimane also in the Kayes region of Mali. It has a dirt runway.



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