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Togo's culture is filled with diverse Togolese ethnic influences. Christian and Islamic influences over the years have changed the cultural and religious environment, but a significant number of people still follow native traditional practices and beliefs.


The religious atmosphere of Togo is quite diverse with people following different cultural beliefs. Christianity was spread after the arrival of the Portuguese and Catholic missionaries, and the Germans introduced Protestantism. Christianity accounts for an estimated 43.7% of the population. 

Food and cuisine

Ingredients in Togo consist of maize, millets, rice, yams, cassava, beans, plantain, fish, beef and chicken, and beans. Some of the meals and food you can expect to enjoy in Togo include:

Gboma dessi- this is a spicy beef and spinach stew.

Akume- is a porridge made from maize flour, it is served with sauces

Fufu- this is made from mashed yam and eaten with peanut, palm nut, or tomato and onion sauces.

Yassa- is chicken in a spice sauce

Palm wine- this is a famous West African wine made from palms.

Klolo meme- this is grilled chicken in a chili sauce.

Tchakpalo- is a drink made from fermented millet.

Pates- is a sauce that goes well with Akuma which is made from eggplant, tomatoes, spinach, or fish.


Music in Togo is mainly based around a variety of percussions. Traditional folk music varies depending on ethnicity. Traditional instruments include the kologo, flutes, drums, gourds or brekete, xylophone, and the bow.

These are used in different ceremonies and celebrations. Festivals, where these instruments can be seen being played include the Expresso, or yeke- yeke festival. Music has over the years changed or has been fused with current influences from pop, hip hop, afro-funk, and other European styles.


Art in Togo is characterized by its famous statuettes, Sculptures, and hunting trophies, and various African masks. The wood-carvers of Kloto are known for the famous "chains of marriage" where two characters are connected by rings drawn from only one piece of wood.

The dyed fabric batiks represent stylized and colored scenes of ancient everyday Togolese life. Wax printing is also popular. One famous painter in Togo is Sokey Edorh.


Football is the most popular and national sport of Togo. Togo is a force to reckon with in African football. Togo has for several Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers and has also qualified for the Fifa World Cup.

One of the most popular players to have represented Togo is Adebayo who scored 30 goals for the national team and 97 in the English Premier League. He has played for several teams in the famous English premier league.

Another sport code in Togo is Kayak. On 12 August 2008, Benjamin Boukpeti won a bronze medal in the Men's K1 Kayak Slalom at the Olympics, the first medal ever won by a member of the Togolese team at the Olympics. Another sport in Togo is basketball.

The Togolese national team is a part of the international basketball federation and has played competitively.

" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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