Togo Primary School Application Requirements

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Below are some of the basic requirements that may be required when enrolling a child into primary school. These are both student requirements and parental requirements.

  • School reports of the last two years (in French or English)
  • Brief handwritten writing by the student to introduce themselves and describe their interests.
  • Recent passport photo
  • Photocopy of an official document indicating the date of birth for children up to 5 years of age.
  • transfer letter (transferees from another school)
  • proof of bank account for account payor
  • study permit (all foreign students
  • Passport copy of the student
  • Visa if applicable
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical form
  • Prof of address
  • Reference from the previous school (where applicable)
  • copy of the applicant's inoculation/ vaccination record.
  • a completed enrollment application form
  • assessment test results
  • A valid passport of the child
  • A valid passport, ID, or driver's license of Parents or guardian
  • Proof of address (copy of a bill in the name of the payer or copy of a rental agreement)
  • Proof of non-refundable application fee

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