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Pre-primary education in Togo officially starts at the age of 3-4 years and lasts for about 3 years. Children complete it at the age of 6 when they enrol in primary education. Some parents enrol their children into various daycare and nursery institutions as early as 2 years or below. Pre-primary education is however not compulsory. Pre-primary enrolment rates in Togo are still low.

Pre-primary education

  • Ages                            : 3-6 years
  • Duration: 3 years
  • Primary Languages: French
  • Terms                          : 2-3 terms
  • Admission Term: Beginning of the term
  • School types: kindergarten, nursery

Pre-school education provides a foundation for students to gain basic education and development skills before they can enroll in formal school. It offers an easy transition for children from home to school. It is mainly for the development of the physical, social, moral, and intellectual capacities of children to facilitate better integration. Pre-school education here is provided by nursery schools, kindergarten schools, or daycare centers.

Examples of International schools offering Pre-primary education in TOGO


Northwood Nursery and School of Lomé

This is a school located in Lome, Togo. It offers education in various classes from nursery to kindergarten. The school also offers an after-school care program for children aged 3 to 12 years.

  • Address: Kegue, Voie du Grd Bypass, 300m from Total Kelegougan station
  • Language of instruction: English, French
  • Admission term: throughout the year
  • Opening times: Monday to Fri- 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • School types: kindergarten, nursery

Why Northwood Nursery and School of Lomé?

  • Respect for diversity
  • Offers a pleasant learning environment
  • Respect for individuality- students are supported individually
  • Perfect integration- students are well integrated into the school

The education system here is inspired by the Montessori method of education. The Preschool Program is designed in a way that students participate in a structured, fun curriculum. Some of the daily activities include reading, writing, maths, motor skill development, language development, social skill development, and physical activities.

The school offers various classes to different age groups including:

Nursery school-  3 months to 24 months

Kindergarten- 2 to 6 years old

After-school care- 3 to 12 years old

The Montessori method of learning here gives children an opportunity to explore, discover, manipulate, reflect, and understand the world around them at their own pace while developing a sense of belonging.


Rock Legacy International School

This is an international school located in Lome that is dedicated to providing quality education, raising and nurturing the students’ dreams so they can fulfill their destinies and become agents of transformation in their families, nations, and world at large. The school offers education from the Foundation Stages to the Senior Secondary School.

Pre-school Section

  • Location: Lome Hedzranawoe, Piscine Atlantide, Carrefour Opposite Place des Fetes
  • ages: 3-5         
  • Duration of study: 2 years
  • Primary Languages: French
  • Terms                          : 2 terms
  • Working Hours: Monday-Friday: 8 am-4 pm

Why Rock Legacy International School?

  • Offers the best Learning Facilities
  • Use of Quality Learning Materials
  • Excellent Learning Environment

Foundation Stages- the school offers foundation stage education through classes such as the  Crèche, Pre-foundation stage 1, Foundation Stage 1 to Foundation Stage 3). At this stage, students will study the following:

  • Letter Work
  • Number Work
  • World Around Me (Social Habit)
  • Health Habit
  • Music
  • God Loves Me ( C.R.S.)
  • Rhymes and Poems

The British School of Lome

This is an international, coeducational and multicultural British school located in Lome, Togo. The curriculum offered here is based on the British National Curriculum. Admission to the school is open to students of different nationalities, ethnicity, and religion. All students have equal access to programs on offer at the school, and all students will benefit from a challenging international English language education. The school is divided into the primary section and the second section. The school aims to provide a caring and stimulating learning environment that meets the needs of each child 

  • Established: 1983
  • Address: Résidence Du Benin, Lome, Togo
  • Ages: 3-5
  • Duration of study: 2 years
  • Primary Languages: English
  • Terms                          : 3 terms (august to December, January to April, and April to June)

theschool follows the Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) program. The Early Years Foundation Stage is made up of both the Nursery and Reception classes. Children at this stage learn through play and exploration, being active, creativity, and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside.

Curriculum- The school focuses on Seven areas of learning and development. Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) program believes that Children should develop 3 prime areas first which include Communication and language (English mainly but also French), Physical Development, and Personal, social, and emotional development.

When the children have developed the first 3 prime areas, they can now move on to develop skills in 4 specific areas namely Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world, and Expressive arts and design.

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