Togo High School Application Requirements

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Admission into Togolese secondary schools is dependent on an entrance examination and the submission of all the requested documents. The following are required from both students and parents or guardians:

Student requirements

  • Student Passport
  • A student Visa if applicable
  • Birth certificate of the applicant
  • Medical forms
  • Current Living Address
  • Previous academic report (English translations required if not in English)
  • Reference from the previous school (where applicable)
  • School reports of the last two years (in either French or English)
  • Brief handwritten introductory testimonial letter or essay by the student to introduce themselves and describe their interests.
  • A recent passport photo
  • Transcripts for GCE O/LEVEL / IGCSE results (6th Form applicants)
  • Transfer form or School Leaving Certificate (6th Form applicants)
  • a clearance letter from the previous school
  • a transfer letter from the previous school


Parent or Guardian

  • a completed enrollment application form
  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • assessment test results
  • Special pedagogical reports, where applicable
  • A valid passport, ID, or driver's license of Parents or guardian
  • Proof of address (a copy of a bill or a rental agreement)
  • Proof of a non-refundable application fee
  • Residence permit
  • proof of a scholarship if any
  • Proof of Residence in Ghana

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