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Togo is a place of many scholarship opportunities with companies, nations, and well-wishers, and charitable organizations providing scholarship assistance to students. Scholarship classes include Student specific scholarships, Career-specific scholarships, Merit-based scholarships, Need-based scholarships, Creative contest scholarships, College-specific scholarships, and Athletic Scholarships. Such scholarships include:

Leadership Essay Competition -This is a creative contest scholarship that offers Partial scholarship to students who wish to study in an African trade at any Togolese Universities.

Eligibility- It is open to all African citizens to study in any African country, including Togo.

Requirements-Creativity is a must and relevant proof of study towards any degree at any Togolese university should be shown. Think out of the box, and have a unique and encouraging, real story with a message.

InvestoRunner Scholarship

Optimize Group Sweden AB is the company behind InvestoRunner Scholarships. To help students financially, the company offers to distribute an InvestoRunner Scholarship of $500 per semester for Masters Students this scholarship. All students, regardless of the university, are welcome to apply.


  • You must be a student at a university or college.
  • You have to write a master’s thesis or study abroad.
  • Your essay must touch on economics or include an economic perspective.

Benefits- The benefit is $500 worth of scholarship funds.

The West African Research Association (WARA) –targets students who wish to study in West African countries, including Togo. The program offers financial aid to students who want to complete their Master's and Doctoral studies at any Togolese university. The program offers scholarships worth $2500 and $3500 for travel and living expenses in Togo.

Essay Writing Scholarship for Student- this is a scholarship targeting Master, Bachelor, and Ph.D. students. Essay Writing Scholarship is an opportunity for students to participate and win a sponsored cash reward of US$2500.

This scholarship is open to all. If you are a writer, then writing a 1000 word essay on a specific topic will not be a biggie for you and 'cherry on top'; you'll entitle yourself to win prize money with that.

Eligibility- university going students with valid student enrollment cards are eligible to apply for an essay writing scholarship. Professional writers, editors, and columnists are not allowed to participate in this scholarship.

The Essay writing scholarship aims to show the hidden women's talent with the 'First Woman to achieve big' motto. Both male and female students can participate but need to find stories on those women who were the first ones to do certain projects ever.

The candidates are then required to submit a 1000 word scholarship essay on any women's first achievements.

Benefits- Essay Writing Scholarship offers a cash reward of US$2500.



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