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Togo nights bring out a side of Togo that one will seldom see during the day. Night revelers, electric and full of vibe come out to enjoy the night lights and music while enjoying a cocktail of drinks, both local and international.

Lome is the best place to enjoy the Togolese nightlife with a variety of clubs and sate of art nightspots around the city.

Privilege Night Club- is a bar located in Lome, with a restaurant and pizzeria. The club also offers games and entertainment. It is a multi-pronged place where people with different likes can all enjoy themselves.

If not for gaming, guests can enjoy drinks at the bar, they can dance the night away at the nightclub, and they can also enjoy food served at the restaurant. You can make reservations, table service, and seating.

The club is located upstairs, with a bar, and a large dance floor for revelers who enjoy dancing the night out. Downstairs is where the bar and food area with pool tables as well. This club is an all-in-one entertainment place.

Before and after nightclub- is a club located in Lome. For all your local and international drinks, well-mixed cocktails, a night out on the dance floor, shisha, and a great outing with friends, then this is the place for you in Lome. This club allows you to meet new people over drinks and also enjoy the great music played by the resident DJs.

Mad complex- this is a lounge and bar located in Lome. It has a lounge restaurant with a seating area where guests can enjoy their food. Those who enjoy drinks and dancing are also not left out as they can do so at the bar and club.

The atmosphere is electric and always full of life, with great lighting and all kinds of music to suit the crowd.

Monte-Cristo Lome- Monte Cristo VIP Lounge is a bar and club located in Lome. It is a chic upmarket club with some of the best interiors in Lome. It has a state-of-the-art lounge and a seating place where guests can get served drinks in the comfort of their seats.

There is a bar area for those who prefer to sit at the bar. A variety of drinks and cocktails are served at Monte Cristo. The club has great lighting and a good sound system with music from both the local and international scene.


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