Jobs for Students in Togo

Part-time employment should be one of the considerations of students in Togo. Part-time work is the perfect opportunity for students to learn about the employment industry in Togo. It enables them to learn about different kinds of jobs as well.

Above all, part-time jobs for students are the perfect way for them to make some extra money that will assist them with costs like transport, rentals, and assist with tuition as well.

Part-time job options for students are as follows:

Interns-Togo offers opportunities for internships in various companies. Internships provide a platform for students to learn about different sectors concerning their various trades. This prepares them for work when they are done with their studies.

Volunteers- there are several health institutions and NGOs that require volunteer work in Togo. Students can work there [part time in their various areas of specialty

Online sales person- students can get jobs in online sales. There are ever-increasing online sales jobs for insurance, clothing, and cosmetics, and students can seize this to earn a little more cash. This provides a degree of independence as they can sell at their own time and pace.

Waiters-the most common part-time job for students in most countries is being a waiter. This involves serving food to customers and sometimes clearing up tables after them. They can also benefit from getting tips from customers.

Call center agents- Togo is a francophone country and students who are fluent in English can work part-time as call center agents. This can be quite helpful to people including visitors, who are not fluent in French.

Front desk attendant- students can work as front desk attendants at hotels or restaurants and attend to customers and any queries that may arise.

Note: the list is not limited to the jobs mentioned above.

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