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21160€ - 21406€
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Scholarships available
November 01, June 07
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Application Requirements for Bachelors:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Language Documents (Where Applicable)

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Application Requirements for Masters:

  • A-Level Certificate
  • Bachelor's Degree

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Rochester Institute of Technology in Rankings

Rankings (U.S News and World Report):

  • No. 104 in National Universities
  • No. 50 in Best Value Schools
  • No. 13 in Co-op and Internship Programs
  • No. 108 for High Performance in Social Mobility
  • No. 61 in “Best Undergraduate programs in Engineering”

Tuition and Scholarships at Rochester Institute of Technology

Over the years RIT’s administration continues to ensure that quality, creativity, and excellent education are within grasp for any individual regardless of their backgrounds. RIT is focused on making modern-day education moderate and open to every student. RIT puts more than $180 million towards assisting its students and circulates another $140 million from different sources to help exceptional students and their families meet the expense of completing their programs at  RIT. We understand that you are making a significant stride in your life, and we need 

to help make your tuition and financial assistance journey as smooth as could reasonably be expected.

 Financial Stats:

  • Over $320 million expended towards supporting student tuition and academic costs.
  • More 95% of RIT’s alumni have gained employment at the university or enrolled in full-time graduate programs.
  • All new RIT students enrolled in any program receive some form of funding on a need-basis or merit-basis arrangement.

Scholarships and Funding for International Students

Undergraduate Students;

Scholarships are granted to international students independently, on a merit-basis, or need-basis, or in many cases both options are available for the student. Please note that full-ride tuition scholarships are yet not accessible.

All candidates applying for bachelor programs are considered for merit-based grants and tuition waivers which are granted to exceptionally qualified newly enrolled students or transfer students from other schools.

Funding offers are only available for accepted students. To apply for need-based awards, understudies must finish the College Board International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) or Canadian Student Financial Aid Application and transfer it to their candidate status page.

Graduate Students;

 Graduate Scholarships at RIT are granted by the department or faculty in acknowledgment of the students’ scholastic achievements. The measure of the honor differs by program and the department. Grants awarded excludes any monthly allowance.

Grants might be granted for a few or the entirety of the educational cost in a given year and are directly attributed to the student’s record at Student Financial Services. These honors convey with them the condition that the awarded student will keep up a minimum academic record (3.0 GPA) and gain agreeable grounds toward their degrees. Further information is available after the student has been accepted by their respective departments.

Graduate Assistantships

RIT Graduate Assistantships are offered to full-time registered graduate students to fill in as research assistants, teaching assistants, or in administrative roles in the faculty.

Graduate Assistants get compensation or salaries (regulated by the department making the arrangement) in return for work performed. A good number of graduate assistants additionally get tuition waivers or support, notwithstanding getting compensation for assistantship obligations.

Interested advanced students looking for more info about any potential employment should contact their respective department facilitator.

Cost of living at Rochester Institute of Technology

800 - 1200 Euro / month
1200 - 1500 Euro / month
Cost of living
300 Euro / month
Free, the University offers shuttles

About Rochester Institute of Technology

Founded in 1829 Administrative/Academic unit: 1,500 Bachelor’s Programs: 85
Situated in Henrietta, New York, USA Student population: 19+,000+ Masters Programs:77
Category: Private Faculty: 12 Ph.D. Programs: 8
Acronym: RIT Schools: 1 Joint-Degree Programs: 50
Tuition: $25,282 - $50,562 Institute: 1 Programs: 150+

Rochester Institute of Technology is located in a suburban neighborhood just minutes from Rochester, New York’s third-largest city, and within a short distance from upstate New York.

With a four-season climate, Rochester is the perfect place for year-round activities like skiing, hiking, sailing, and cycling. RIT’s campus is 13,000 acres with a mixture of park-like settings combined with modern buildings, architectural features, and sculptural artwork.

RIT has more than 13,000 full-time undergrads with more than 2,000 students of color and more than 2,400 international students. In addition, over 1,000 students with special needs or disabilities are enrolled and supported by the university’s National Technical Institue for the Disabled.

About 92% of undergraduate classes at RIT have less than 50 students and the student to faculty ratio is 13:1.

The university is committed to academic excellence with a differential admission policy institution, looking for unique individuals who can stand out. RIT offers more than 80 undergraduate majors and more than 80 minors. And although RIT is a technical institute, it also offers courses in arts, business, and social sciences.

Some favorites among international students are Art Design, Photography, Business, ICT, Computing, Medical Sciences, and Engineering. The university focuses on giving students the best experience they could get, leaving after completing their 3 to 4-year degree with an astounding resume that sets them apart.

RIT is a private research university, with very strong research activities. As early as freshman year, RIT students have access to the best research facilities, and students who advance into graduate study get to delve into contingent research activities that are crucial in today’s world. Established in 1829, Rochester Institute of Technology is a different and communitarian network of connected, socially cognizant, and mentally inquisitive personalities.

Through inventiveness and technological advancement, and a purposeful mixing of innovation, expressions of the human experience and structure, we give outstanding people a wide scope of academic opportunities, including top-tier research activities and a globally respected program for hard of hearing and deaf students.

Past our fundamental campus location in Rochester, New York, RIT has a worldwide reach with campuses in China, Croatia, Dubai, and Kosovo with more than 2,000 enrolled local students. Furthermore, with about 19,000 understudies and over 135,000 

alumni from each of the 50 states and more than 100 countries, RIT is driving advancement in enterprises and networks the world over.

Why Study at Rochester Institute of Technology

Internationally Accredited

Highly regarded and internationally accredited, the university certification is world class, hence chances of internship recognition and employment after successful graduation are high.

Modern Infrastructure

Modern style and design campus with 21st century infrastructure and facilities. Students can immerse into a healthy learning environment offered by the institute.

International Study Environment

A largely diversified, friendly and united racial environment (students from over 50 countries), hence new students can easily assimilate and feel at home

Competent Staff

The institution has a diverse group of lecturers with substantial experience, having worked with respected international organizations worldwide.

Accommodation Rochester Institute of Technology

On Campus Accomodation at Rochester Institute of Technology

RIT offers all students with very comfortable housing arrangements on campus, a large number of RIT’s students live within the university area.

RIT offers students 13 residence halls, 5 university apartment complexes, and housing for graduate students and postgraduate students to make their home away from home. Campus accommodation is very comfortable and extremely secure, with 24/7 surveillance and top-range facilities for the student’s comfort.

All new students (local and international) have guaranteed accommodation at the university residence. Campus accommodation is also a very active unit in RIT’s student life, freshman students enjoy an orientation week, with music and comedy from local artistes. Outside of that, all through the year, the residence halls organize various events and trips that students enjoy.

Accommodation categories at RIT:

  • Residence Halls (1,748 rooms)
  • Apartments (614 units)
  • RIT Inn and Conference Center (121 rooms)
  • Greek Accommodation (6 buildings)
  • Global Village (133 suites)
Off Campus Accomodation at Rochester Institute of Technology

Within and around Henrietta, Rochester, and other cities in upstate New York, many students have opted to live in private residences and apartments.

This option is quite common as well and the availability is also surplus, based on the student’s budget and their specific demands. Student sharing is also a common phenomenon for off-campus living as it is a good way to save costs on rent by sharing with other students from RIT as well. 

The cost of rent varies from $600 to $1,500 per month depending on the apartment condition and facilities.

Sports at Rochester Institute of Technology

Whether you are a competitor, recreational devotee, or a fan, regardless of what your identity is and what you like to do, there's a method to be associated with sports and games at RIT.

Division 1 and 3 games groups and an assortment of intermural games, wellbeing and extracurricular activities, and energizing fan encounters. RIT sports gets you in on the activity. Be a member of a group or team and compete both nationally and internationally or just come cheer on the Tigers.

Sports stats at RIT

  • 24 varsity athletic teams
  • 675 varsity active student-athletes
  • 2.3K+ participants in intramurals
  • 336+ sections in wellness programs
  • 4.5+ student sports supporters

Sports games and activities are played in men and women categories and include games like; Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, Cross Country, Track and Field, Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming and Diving, and many others.

Food at Rochester Institute of Technology

Present on-campus are different cafes, restaurants, eateries, cafeterias, and others, that can provide different healthy meal options to RIT’s students. Located in Monroe Hall is “Artesano Bakery and Café”, a very good option to grab a coffee and baked goods.

Right across the way is “Bytes On the Run” a grab-and-go convenience store that offers a variety of snacks and beverages.

Just down the hall of the student alumni union is “Brick City Café” a popular choice amongst students with great options for breakfast and lunch. Also, local restaurants visit each day bringing some of the best meals in Rochester to campus for students and faculty to enjoy.

Another favorite is “Nathan’s Soup and Salad” which has a wide selection of sandwiches, salads, and soups that change daily. There is also a bar and grill with visiting chefs from local restaurants. The Global Village also offers a wide variety of shops and restaurants lie Cross Roads and Cantina.

Transportation at Rochester Institute of Technology

The university provides shuttle transport buses for movements within campus and environs, however, students use taxis, and ridesharing services such as Uber, and Lyft to get around, they are economical and very effective. Movement from other cities in upstate New York is via public buses which cost around $2 per trip.

About Henrietta

Rochester, New York is home to over a million residents living in the metropolitan area and the surrounding suburbs. Named the third-largest city in the state of New York, Rochester combines the vibrance, culture, and entertainment that is typical of many big cities and the beauty, charm, and friendly atmosphere of a small town. Rochester is a family city and doing things together is the order of the day.

This beautifully-crafted city is home to some of the most unique attractions in the state, the city also plays host to excellent universities and higher institutions in the country, making it a student-friendly community.

With a grand history that spans many decades, Rochester is one of the most central cities in upstate New York. Known for its world-acclaimed Jazz Music and Film Festival, the city also has built a strong name when it comes to professional sporting events, and many astounding museums and theatres that support and contribute immensely to the arts, there is certainly something for everyone at Rochester.

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