Accommodation for students In the United States of America (USA)

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Student Accommodation for students In the United States of America (USA)

After determining what university you would like to attend, the next step is to find where to stay when you arrive. There are many options in this regard, but finding the one that suits your needs and budget can be a thorough process.

We advise that you begin this process as early as possible to ensure that you get the best for you. Foreign students often opt to live amongst other nationals and Americans to better gain new experiences. A very significant population of international students also choose shared accommodation with other students because of the social visibility that it provides.

The options for student housing in the USA are;

Campus Accommodation:

  • Campus housing is usually in the form of dormitories, shared rooms or single rooms in a student house. This option is the first for all international students and it is very available for them. The rooms are usually shared with other students or have private rooms for only one student.
  • The rooms are self handled or the university handles all other aspects such as maintenance and cleaning. This option is very favorable for the student as they are within the campus with easy access to university activities and amenities. Students can check for the availability and apply for dormitory housing directly from their university.

Off-campus Housing:

  • This option is more private and very useful for students who wish to live within the community and immerse themselves with the culture and the locals of the city. Students can share a two-bedroom or three apartments with separate rooms and only shared kitchen, bathroom and living room.
  • A lot of these residences also have individual apartments or studios that they can stay rent privately if they have the funds for it. Most of these residences come with swimming pools and gyms inside them, they are also free for residents so students can save money without outside memberships.

As a foreign student, please seek the services of your university’s international student and scholar unit for all the necessary information as regards student accommodation.

Useful tips to note when searching for a place to live in the US as a student

  • Many private housing options require a security deposit or caution payment which is usually the same amount of one month’s rent. This deposit is returned in the event that the house remains in the same condition it was met
  • Utility costs are most times separate from the rental costs but a few rents comprise of utility costs as such electricity, heating, internet, etc but ensure to confirm from the house owner or agent. University dormitories usually have these costs attached to the total cost of the accommodation.
  • Please ensure to check if there are other costs attached to the residence like security and parking space. ,
  • Furnished apartments are the best option for foreign students
  • Check for important facilities like washing machine, TV, microwave, refrigerator are available. The good news is that many private residences for students readily come with these items.


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