Study in the United States of America (USA)

The USA is one of the leading study abroad destinations in the world, with the highest number of international students than any other country. This number is still increasing as an estimated 6% of the individuals in higher institutions in the USA all come from places outside the country.

The experience is unique and the opportunities are limitless, with more than 1.5 million foreign students pursuing an undergraduate or post-graduate degree in the USA.

RocApply is dedicated to making your study abroad dreams come true assisting you with all the necessary tools and information that you need before you embark on this life-changing pursuit.

RocApply in partnership with many top-ranking universities in the USA works tirelessly as your one-stop channel for all your admission, visa, accommodation, and other important needs.

There are many things to put into consideration before choosing to study in the USA, like selecting your particular program of interest and selecting a university that will best suit you. We have gathered all the valuable information you need to best help you navigate through these important choices.

When it comes to education and research, the USA has been one of the leading countries in that regard for centuries. The country is home to some of the top universities and research facilities in the world. With many ‘firsts’ to their belt, this immigrant country continues to push boundaries and set standards.

Life as a foreign student in the USA is very immersive and insightful, many students go on to become career juggernauts in their respective fields.

The knowledge and experience are first hands and the opportunity to become a part of their system after your study is very viable.

The USA is a very big country with over a thousand higher institutions and university colleges to choose from. Gaining admission to study in the USA is competitive and requires a level of hard work and preparation.

For future students who are looking to study in the country, we advise that you begin early and stay updated throughout the entire process.

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About the United States of America (USA)

The USA is the fourth largest country in the world by land area and the third by population beat only by India and China. The USA is one of the biggest countries in the world divided into fifty states, all of which are united.

Forty-eight of the fifty states are known as mainland USA while the other two states are Alaska and Hawaii. Mainland America shares a land border with Canada to the north, and Mexico to the south. The Atlantic ocean is to the east of the country while the Pacific ocean is on the west.

On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was issued, establishing the United States of America as an independent state, having been originally controlled by the United Kingdom.

The capital city is Washington DC, which is also where the White House residence of the President is located. The smallest state is Rhode Island which measures about 1545 square miles and the largest is Alaska with over 663,00 square miles. Just about 2.5 million Americans lived in the country in 1776, but today around 327 million people live in the US. The city with the most people is New York City, followed by Los Angeles and Chicago.

There is no official language in the US but English is the most commonly spoken and because of a very large minority group of Latinos present in the country ‘Spanish’ is sometimes referred to as the second most used language. Despite the country being so large by size and the population, 47% of the country’s soil is unoccupied without any registered inhabitants.

The Mississippi and Missouri Rivers combine to form the longest river system in the entire country and the fourth largest in the world. Likewise, the tallest mountain in the US is Mt. Mckinley located in the state of Alaska, it reaches 20,230 feet above sea level.

The most popular team sports in the USA are American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey, all of which have become national treasures of the citizens and it’s residents.

The currency of exchange used in the country is United States Dollars ($) which is the most used currency on the planet, and one of the top 3 world currencies in terms of use and significance.

Across this great country lies a diverse population of people of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, the USA is an immigrant country built on the hard work and contribution of people from different ancestry and ethnicity all trying to live the American dream.

About the United States of America (USA Economy

The US economy is one of the biggest in the world with a GDP of 20.494 trillion USD (as of 2019) which is estimated as 24% of the world economy driven by the US. to show how massive their economy is, states in the USA like California produce more than some countries in the world and even the UK. Their GDP per capita currently sits at 62,606 USD as of 2019.

In terms of their exports, the US has gotten much better at cracking in terms of utilizing their natural crude oil and relying less on importing oil. This means that they have a surplus of refined petroleum coming from the cracking process, this refined petroleum has now become a major export of the country. Cars and automobiles are also exported across the world to countries that appreciate American made vehicles.

American Planes have gone worldwide and continues to generate significant revenue for the US. One of the largest plane manufacturers, Boeing, is an American company and they have designed and exported some of the best planes ever seen.

Gas turbines are produced and exported around the world from the US, contributing to the country’s very large manufacturing income. A larger portion of the US economy is derived from the service sector which makes up 67.8% of its GDP.

Top export destinations include Canada, Mexico, and China. Trade across north and south borderlines between the US and Canada and the US and Mexico is very seamless with no fraction whatsoever as both countries maintain a great trade relationship with the USA.

China is a massive country with a huge demand for American goods and products and has been one of the biggest trade partners in the last decade.

Top US imports include cars from countries like Japan (Honda, Hyundai, etc) and Germany (Mercedes Benz, BMW, etc). The country still has a net import for crude oil from countries in the Middle East and Africa, closely followed by computers and medicaments.

Medicaments are bulk agents or chemicals for the production of medicine or medicinal products. These come from places like China, Mexico, and Canada further strengthening their exchange relationship with these countries.

The most important stock exchange in the country includes the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) and NASDAQ (National Association for Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System).

Why Study in the United States of America (USA)

Affordable Tuition Fees in United States Of America
Diverse Student Population

There is a lot of benefits to a diverse student population, international students across the country add so much culture and values as they integrate with other students.

International students bring a lot to the domestic population such that they are considered an integral part of university life. Some of the best universities in the US that have integrated campuses thrive culturally and academically.

There is a really attractive wide range of choices that students can make, from the very long list of universities and colleges which stands around 4,000 to the variety of courses and programs, some of which are not found in many countries.

Students can also enjoy a variety of options while on campus; there are options for double majors, minors, pursuing a master's degree even while working on a bachelor's degree, and many more

Affordable Accomodation in United States Of America
Academic Excellence

Studying in the USA is still very much living the ‘dream’ for so many individuals across the world. They grow up thinking about the American dream of studying in one of the best educational facilities, and this is undoubtedly so not only in the quality but also in the variety.

The country has several top-rated universities across 50 states. Students gain the opportunity to learn in one of the best education systems in the world, they have the opportunity to be in a place where they can thrive, grow, develop and reach their full potential.

US education allows students to not only select a career path that best accentuates their skills and best address their academic interests it also gives them the time to figure out and accomplish their academic dream.

There is the benefit of flexibility in choices and also flexibility in the methods and sequence.

International Environment in United States Of America
Life After School

Studying in the US offers one of the best work experience opportunities post-graduation. Presently one-year work visa extension is available to graduates in the USA provided they find a job within 60 days of graduation.

Students can now stay and work and integrate into the country seamlessly if they so wish.

Great Weather in United States Of America
Community and Campus Engagement

With more than 350 university clubs and organizations, students enjoy and learn from a diverse group of community and campus engagements.

The interactions and education that these community groups provide better equip students with some of the best social skills to advance in their respective careers.

Scholarships in the United States of America (USA)

Study costs for international students in the USA on the average start from $20,000 upwards to about $50,000 for an academic year. These prices are quite high compared to many institutions around the world, but with the many doors an American education can open, it is well worth it.

Financial assistance and scholarship opportunities for international students are too many to count, they come in the form of tuition waivers, fellowships or grants from the institution, the government and even the provinces. Applicants are advised to check their availability and eligibility before they apply as these scholarships are highly competitive.

However many international students have successfully completed or are in the process of obtaining a college degree in the US all for free at no cost at all.

Many graduate students in the US also receive scholarships for the duration of their Masters or Doctoral program, with monthly stipends. They also work as graduate, teaching or research assistants depending on the availability.

The United States of America (USA) Student Visa

Foreign nationals require a visa to come into the US for study purposes, student visas are issued to students who have been accepted into a recognized program of study in an approved higher institution.

Student visas are issued depending on the course they select and the university they choose to attend. Long term study options need an ‘F’ visa while short term study options need an ‘M’ visa.