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Student life in the Philippines is relatively affordable and covers a wide range of activities that will surely pique one's interest. From affordable housing to vibrant nightlife and limitless food choices along with the Filipinos friendly demeanor, the Philippine student scene is definitely an experience worth having.

Through these activities, meeting other people gets easy, especially considering that universities are located close to each other and thus nurture a vibrant student community.

An international student always searches for a home away from home and it comes only with familiar culture, security, and growth assurances. The Philippines is comparatively considered a safe country; however, one needs to be aware of one’s environment anywhere around the globe at all times and the same simple rule applies to the Philippines too.

The Philippines is by and large considered a very friendly, safe, and welcoming country; their acceptance towards diversities, different cultures and food have attracted tourist and international students from around the globe.

The Philippines continues to be an attractive destination for Indian students wishing to pursue medical education. Other than its affordable medical universities, bountiful natural resources, acceptance of the English language, the country welcomes diversity like none other; the locals are hardly seen inhospitable towards foreign tourists and students.

Philippine Universities offer world-class education in the field of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, business, and many more subjects. 

Life on campus is very exciting as well, universities have cafeterias where students can find brilliant dishes to choose from, traditional meals and even healthy options come at a very cheap price.

Students can also always go to various restaurants all around the city. Food and drinks are very affordable for any student budget.

RocApply Tip: Being a student in the Philippines has its benefits even with food because you get student Hostels at University and College Campus serving both vegetarian dishes as well as Non-vegetarian meals.

Most of the colleges provide both North Indian as well as South Indian dishes as most of the foreign students in Universities are from India, especially South India.


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