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There’s no official homestay program in the Philippines, but in rural areas where there may be no formal accommodation, you’ll often find people willing to put you up in their home for a small charge, usually no more than P200 a night, including some food.

If you enjoy the stay, it’s best to offer some sort of tip when you leave, or a gift of soft drinks and sweets for the children. You can ask around at town halls if you’re interested.

On-campus and off-campus accommodation are prized according to the number of students who are likely to occupy a room at any given time. Prizes range between US$175.355 (P 7.455 and P 15.123) per month for foreign students. 

Accommodation types for students in the Philippines:

  • Apartments are an alternative option to housing especially that it is less expensive than a condo. These are a housing unit that occupies a part of a building. It does not have amenities like that of a condominium though, but apartments are usually complete with its own rooms, private bathrooms, and a living room area per unit.
  • Dormitories are also available in the Philippines which is usually inhabited by students as it is usually nearby schools and universities. Dorms are run by school administration which explains the strict regulations such as the visiting hours and curfew. Depending on the amenities, dorms are not so expensive compared to condominium rents. These are safe places to especially if you want to send your child to the Philippines to study.


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