Bachelor's in Economics and Finance (BEF) (EN)
Charles University

Degree: Bachelor's in Economics and Finance (BEF) (EN)
Program Language: English
Admission Semester: Spring (February)Fall (October)
Start Date: January Intake
Program Duration: (3 yrs) 6 semesters


Semester Tuition Fees: 3000 Euro
Other Fees: The tuition fees reflected above is for Non-EU students. In case of extension, extra fees will be charged. Please pay attention to the acceptance letter for actual amounts to be paid.
Cost of living: 300 - 650 Euros per month
Job opportunities: Part-time jobs for students are competitive throughout the town. These part-time jobs usually pay from 300 to 500 euros depending on the type of work.
Funding opportunities within the university: Universities usually offer part-time opportunities to students who constantly excel academically.

Program details

Educational organisation: Charles University
Study abroad: Opportunity Available
Internships: Opportunity Available
Form of assessment: GPA Grade
ECTS credits: Each course in the program (Electives & Prerequisites) commands a certain amount of credit points.
Program objectives: Economics and Finance (BEF) (EN)

Minimum cost of living

Accomodation: 150 - 300 Euro / month
Food: 150 Euro / month
Cost of living: 300 Euro / month
Transportation: Free, the University offers shuttles


Language requirements: English Proficiency
Academic requirements:

- High School

- A-Level Certificate


1. High School & A-Level Certificates

2. Evidence of English Language Proficiency (if applicable)

3. Passport Copy


Arrival support: Support Available - Provided by the university
Services and support for international students: Support Available - Provided by the university

*Off-Campus options available

*On-Campus options available


About Charles University:

Established in 1348, Charles University is one of the oldest universities in Europe and ranks among the world’s most renowned research-focused universities. It is the best-rated Czech university according to international rankings. There are currently 17 faculties at the University (14 in Prague, 2 in Hradec Králové and 1 in Plzeň), plus 3 institutes, 6 other centres of teaching, research, development and other creative activities, a centre providing information services, 5 facilities serving the whole University, and the Rectorate - which is the executive management body for the whole University. The key priority of Charles University is to continue to enhance its prestigious status as a research university.

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About Czech:

The Czech Republic as a tourist destination is a very enjoyable experience, but what is even better is when you go there to study. There are 70 different schools that you can choose from and more than a thousand different degree programs (Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D.) that you can select. As an international student, we understand that you worry about being the only foreigner in a different country, but not to worry more than 40,000 foreign students are pursuing higher education in the Czech Republic.

About the city:

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic with a population of over 2.5 million people. Prague is a city with a very rich history and one of Europe's most beautiful cities. Many kingdoms have once conquered Prague each with their addition to the beauty and history of the town.