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For a small country, Canary Islands has undergone a fascinating history. It was strictly controlled by the German Empire, flourished under the Japanese through economic development, and floundered for some time while debating between American administration and independence.

Regardless of historic past events, Canary Islands’s interesting culture has not been compromised.

The Canary Islands has a colorful history dating back over a thousand years. It has experienced prosperity, extreme poverty, piracy, mass emigration, and is now one of Spain’s major tourist destinations.

The Canary Islands culture is rich in tradition, gastronomy, and the arts, and while the archipelago obviously has a heavy Spanish influence, the language, cuisine, and music are still rather d.fferent

The lifestyle

Without meaning to start with the blindingly obvious, there is something awesome about Canarians. What makes them so? The culture is as infuriating as it is addictive, and the idiosyncrasies of these awesome people may well be what makes them so great.

These are the ins and outs of that culture. Everyone around the world knows how to appreciate those closest to them, be they friends or family, but locals here take this more seriously than anything. This kinship is everything to the locals, and they aren’t shy of expressing it.

The language spoken in the Canary Islands is almost the same as that heard in the south of Spain, as this was the language spoken by the initial settlers of the islands. However, it is also affected by Caribbean and South American Spanish, due to the emigration of Canarians to the Americas over the centuries.

The Canarian diet is dominated by the sea and its age-old produce wine. Typical meals generally include roasted fish, potatoes, and garlic, while chicken and beef stews are also strikingly popular.

Specialties include gofio, a sweet corn based flour is added to numerous dishes and used to make the dough-like side dish paella. Many of the native dishes have had a big influence on dinner tables in South America, again, due to the mass emigration.

One particular artist springs to the mind of Spaniards when any discussion of Canarian art takes place, Cesar Manrique.

Yet artist may not be the correct term used to describe this demigod of Canarian culture who is known as a sculptor, architect, environmentalist, and urban designer, among other things.

He alone saved many regions of the islands from the crass overdevelopment witnessed in other Spanish tourist destinations during the 1970’s and ‘80s, restoring the charming colonial architecture of the cities and towns.


  • The most common greeting is a handshake with direct eye contact coupled with a smile.
  • Dress well as this affords the host respect.
  • Don’t discuss business at social events unless prompted to.
  • It is considered good manners to reciprocate any social invitation.

" Its a place to be" - Martin from Canada

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