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When studying in Tanzania it is essential to have a form of financial aid that will cover basic needs. Part-time employment is the best way to do so as it allows the student to work in a more flexible environment and study at the same time. International students might be able to find weekend and holiday jobs to earn a salary that will cover their necessities.

RocApply will partner with organizations willing to employ international students for part-time jobs during their studies in Tanzania. Here is a list of what you could consider doing to earn a salary in Tanzania.

Teaching English language:

If you are a native speaker of English you might consider teaching it on a part-time basis. Tanzania is a Swahili speaking country whilst the island of Zanzibar inhibits a large number of Arabic speakers.

Although English is the language of instruction at tertiary schools and in business, very few speak and write it fluently outside those sectors.

Teaching English during weekends and after school-hours can be a viable option for international students to earn an income. We advise English speaking students to consider this option.


Filled with tourists who visit the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti National Park, the country is booming with tourism business. Photography, tour-guiding, and interpretation are some of the skills international students can pick up and make a few shillings from to sustain their stay in Tanzania.

Liaisoning with tourist agencies in your home country might give you an added advantage and a readily available market, it is advisable to consider it.

Telesales Agent

Do you have a passion for marketing and sales? Do you think you can do well through earning on commission? If you answered yes to these questions then Telesales is a good option to consider. Service providers are always on the look-out for Telesales agents. The work schedule is flexible and allows the student to study and work simultaneously.

Career coaching

Non-Governmental Organisations that deal with adolescents are always open for volunteers in exchange for a stipend. This is a good option considering that most students have already chosen a career and would do well in helping other young people at the secondary school level to choose a career as well. This is a good opportunity, not only to make money but to help in the community and at the same time boost your CV.


Working as a waiter at restaurants, cafes, and fast food outlets during weekends is another students’ favorite part-time job. Working in these environments can offer more than what meets the eye as students have the opportunity to interact and be exposed to greater career opportunities and networking in the practical world.


Inquire with your university on whether they offer internship opportunities for international students. Internships are ideal for students because they offer field experience and sometimes might be part of your school coursework. It is a good option to consider if your university offers internships.

RocApply Tip: Students should look for part-time work closer to their campus to avoid any extra costs they might incur such as transport to work and long hours of travelling. The working hours should average 30 to 35 hours per week so that students can get sufficient time to concentrate on their studies as well.

"I am currently working as a Guest Relations Officer for Merit hotel. On a day-to-day basis I get to meet or work with people from everywhere." - Diyora Muattar from Uzbekistan

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