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There are numerous options to consider when looking at accommodation for students in Tanzania. The importance of picking out accommodation cannot be overweighed therefore students need to choose carefully.

Students are always searching for bargained prices and sometimes there is a need to consider sharing accommodation with another student to save up on expenses. Roc Apply can assist students in finding their desired accommodation according to their specific needs.

Staying off campus might come pricey when compared to campus residence; however, it depends on the location, condition, and type of residence.

House/Apartment Rental

This option affords you the chance to experience the authentic local citizen life. House Rentals range from US$200 to US$800 whilst apartments can range from US$600-US$1000.

Accommodation rentals are usually paid monthly. There are several private residences dotted around the university area that offer student accommodation these come highly

recommended. It is essential to look for accommodation close to campus so that they can save on transportation.

Full houses and apartments are best for students who do not mind sharing space with others. Self-catering or eating out at restaurants is usually the best option when you choose to live off-campus. 


Also, be on the lookout for hostel accommodation. They provide cheaper options whilst living in a communal space, with a common room shared kitchen and bathroom.

Rooms can be shared between 2-6 people. It’s a good option for people that are social and do not mind sharing with a lot of people.

It is a melting pot for multi-culturalism as people from different backgrounds live communally.

On-Campus Accommodation

This is the best and most affordable option for accommodation. Most universities give first preference to international students pursuing their undergraduate and postgraduate programs for campus accommodation. This option brings you closer to on-campus facilities such as the library, gym, training grounds, and computer centres.

Usually, universities have free Wi-Fi at the disposal of the students. This means they get to save up on utility expenses as well (including water, electricity, and waste management expenses.

On-campus accommodation is usually coupled with catering. Therefore students do not have to worry about cooking and buying groceries.

Campus security and services such as hospitals and banks are always available closer to the students when they live on campus.

On-campus accommodation varies across universities according to the facilities offered. Some offer hostel types of accommodation whilst other universities offer apartments.

Therefore expect different fees for accommodation according to what the institution provides.

A room can be reserved for international students after a full accommodation fee has been paid and averages between US$70 to US$200 a semester for postgraduate students.

Postgraduate students should expect to pay up to US$1200 a year for on-campus accommodation.

During school vacations, the on-campus residence remains open for students that cannot travel back to their home countries.


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