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Taiwan has on offer over 2000 scholarships that cater for Masters and Ph.D. programs in all fields. The Taiwan Scholarship Program was established jointly by three government agencies of the Republic of China (Taiwan) inclusive of: the Ministry of Education (MOE), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and the National Science Council of the Executive Yuan (NSC) with the aim of encouraging outstanding international students to undertake degree programs in Taiwan.

While providing study opportunities for a wide range of disciplines, at Taiwan’s universities and colleges, this program also aims to:

  • Promote knowledge, understanding, and friendship between people in Taiwan and in countries around the world.
  • Provide opportunities to increase academic and educational links with international institutions of higher learning.
  • Develop outstanding professionals and experts to meet the needs of the global society.

Study for Free in Taiwan

Studying for free can be made a lived reality when one applies for a fully-funded scholarship that the government offers to international students. The amount of each scholarship varies in accordance with the funding government agency’s policy:

  • MOFA Scholarship: One economy-class, direct-route roundtrip international airfare ticket, plus a monthly stipend of NT$30.000 (approximately USD$930).
  • MOE Scholarship: A monthly stipend of NT$25.000 (approximately USD$775) for undergraduate or LEP study, and NT$30.000 for a postgraduate degree program.
  • NSC Scholarship: A monthly stipend of NT$30. 000.
  • Recipients are responsible for their own expenses.

Scholarships in Taiwan for International Students

Scholarship applicants should apply directly for admission to Taiwan universities and colleges of their choice within their specified application deadlines.

For the application process, guidelines and forms, types of scholarship and quotas, selection criteria, and deadlines, applicants should directly contact the relevant Taiwan Embassy or Representative Office, as early as possible or by the 31st of January each year.

To apply for the scholarship, the applicant must send all completed documents to the nearest Taiwan Embassy or representative office in his/her home country. In principle, the yearly application period is runs between the 1st of February up to the 31st of March.

However, the actual application period will be in accordance with the general regulations of the local Taiwan Representative Offices.

Study Level Tuition Fee, Per Year, in TWD Tuition Fee, Per Year, in USD
Bachelor's Degree NT$ 51.000 – NT$ 78.000 USD$ 1.650 – $ 2.500
Master's Degree NT$ 50.000 – NT$ 79.000 USD$ 1.600 – $ 2.550
Doctorate's Degree NT$ 142.000 USD$ 4.560


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