Switzerland Visa Requirements

Switzerland Visa Requirements

Different countries have different conditions and processes, applicants from the EU or the EFTA including Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein do not require a student visa to come into the country.

 While non-EU/EFTA nationals have the need for a student visa to be able to be admissible into the country. Visas are been given by the Swiss embassy or consulate in the applicants country of origin.

General Visa Requirements

Students who have been confirmed and accepted into any program in a Swiss university need to have the following documents for visa consideration.

  • Valid passport/ travel document
  • 3 recent passport photographs
  • Proof of adequate funding (original and photocopy) to cover expenses while in Switzerland
  • Students below 18, are required to bring a birth certificate, and parent’s consent to travel, especially if they are traveling on their own.
  • Health insurance 
  • Receipt of tuition payment and course enrolment at a recognized institution
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copies of previous diplomas or certificates
  • A signed document that states that the student will exit the country after the duration of their study in Switzerland
  • Visa application fee – 68 Euros non-refundable
  • Accommodation arrangements (post-graduate students)

Student Permit Upon Arrival in Switzerland

After the student arrives into the country they are expected to register their arrival and prepare all the necessary documentation in order to proceed with obtaining their residence permit called the B-permit from the regional (usually referred to as ‘canton’) immigration office.

The period for the document to be released is a minimum of two weeks but they will still be able to carry out other activities like opening up a new bank account but can't leave the country during this processing time.

The student permit of residence is usually in a biometric card form and it is authentic for one year and can be renewed before it expires.

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