Student Life in Switzerland

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Student Life in Switzerland

Because Switzerland is a melting point of cultures, students get to interact and associate with different people in the same environment. Exchanging knowledge and extending friendship.

International exchange programs are also very active in Switzerland, promoting an inter-country experience added to academic knowledge.

There are free sports programs that students participate in for free, there are also different recreational activities and social incentives that are open to students at no cost at all.

Most Swiss schools do not have mid-terms or quizzes, so students only attend classes and then prepare for the finals. Students here are seemingly on board for this concept and usually take to account the reliance on them to perform very well as there are no other substitutes.

Students typically spend an estimate of 1,600 CHF to 2,000 CHF for their upkeep and study fees in a month.

Students enjoy the safety and security in the country, as they move freely and timely. The country is very peaceful and one of the safest places to live, in the world today.

International students can also travel around Europe to neighbor countries like France or Germany during the holidays or for short travels. Some schools organize these trips and excursions for students as a part of their social activities

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