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Moving to a new country is no easy feat, especially when you are an international student. For the majority of international students, it might be your first time leaving the nest. We no longer can turn to the comforts of our home and family like we used to, so as RocApply we understand that for many of you, starting a new chapter in a different country can be daunting. However, do not fret! On this guide, we offer some tips to get you through adjusting to your new life as an international student. 

While studying abroad is a prestigious thing in almost every part of the world for aspirants, it can be quite frustrating to confine to the life of books throughout your course with little outdoor explorations. For this reason, RocApply has set on this platform how you can fully utilize your idle time in Sudan free of boredom. Be sure to check with our community feature to interact with other students from around the world and build yourself a network to get started!

Apart from university life, you will have the chance to explore this beautiful country. Most of the activities on offer are outdoors-based, making the country a nature lover’s dream destination. The latter statement saves the pulling factor for most students here! Whether taking advantage of the clear blue waters of the Red Sea or scoping out honest African wildlife in its natural habitat, there’s something of appeal for every interest. Apply with RocAppy and find out today!!

While the country’s coastline is not exactly vast, foreign students to the region still have prime access to the gorgeous Red Sea. It is here that there are many snorkeling and scuba diving chances. The best place for diving in Port Sudan, a little town on the Red Sea coastline. The deep blue waters in the region are home to some of the most stunning coral reefs in the whole world. There’s also plenty of opportunity for making new underwater friends like sharks and various species of fish, including barracuda and grey cod.  Students will find this place an intriguing adventure all the time worthy of multiple visits!

If the deep waters of the Red Sea are a bit too daunting for you, why not take a dip in the cool, clear waters of the Jabal al-Awliya’ Dam? The dam is only a forty-five-minute drive from the capital city, Khartoum, and provides a fascinating view of the Nile River. Many students here take picnics to the dam on the weekends but weekday visits are popular as well. Many universities offer trips to the dam as a stop on bigger itineraries.

The country is one of the largest counties in Africa but is mostly desert. This may be a deterrent for some but for others, this provides a great opportunity for camel trekking on weekends. Many academic establishments arrange wonderful trips which include traveling through the Bayuda Desert on camelback, sleeping under the stars, and even mingling with local nomadic tribes.

DISCLAIMER: The suggestions on these pages are based primarily on recommendations that we receive from former students. Activity lists are by no means exhaustive; rather, they are meant to give you an idea for exploring all of the ways you can get involved in Sudan! We advise you to check by yourself what beauty lies ahead!



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