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Korean universities are of top quality and have incredibly high standards throughout the country with a very attractive campus and atmosphere. The university lifestyle, in general, is relaxed and easy-going, students easily form friendships and make connections with both native Koreans and other international students.

Due to the supportive and positive campus environment in many student cities in the country, there is an increasing number of foreign students who truly enjoy going to school daily.

A student's typical daily routine consists of attending classes for 4 to 6 hours per day, with ample breaks in between where students visit cafes, restaurants, or so-called internet cafes to hang out with friends. After classes are finished, students often end the day by participating in club activities.

Most campuses in South Korea are extremely modern and dynamic and it is not uncommon to find the university’s mascot or emblem littered around the campus. Campuses also have all the pieces of equipment, technology and, materials for modern education, in line with the country's devotion to advancement in technology, science, and global development.

In South Korea, there is a student culture that is peculiar to the country in different university towns and student communities where students seem to enjoy several activities that they can do in groups. Most notably in South Korea, is the level of diversity and participation in university clubs is still very strong till today.

Activities such as travel, activism, volunteering, adventure, extracurriculars are best enjoyed amongst students in groups giving students the chance to build their niche with other like-minded students on campus. Similarly, in collaboration with the university all these student bodies host several events and programs all through the year to better improve student life.

Today some activities and events or programs have somewhat become a student culture across major campuses and campus cities in the country and have now come to represent then typical student life for both local Korean and international students alike. They include; Student Orientation, School Festivals, Membership Training, and several club activities during an academic session.

Taking a walk across several university campuses in the country shows the presence of many international students from all over the world showing a great level of cultural mixing and diversity amongst the students and teachers in the university. South Korean universities also have great foreign exchange programs for both Korean and international students as many aspects of the curriculum are taught in English or other foreign languages. Likewise, textbooks and academic materials are also often in English making it easy for foreign students to integrate into their new study environment.

"I once attended a Wizkid concert in North Cyprus and I found it fun but there were so many people I did not get a chance to get an autograph" - Linda Mandara from Malawi

When students are not busy in class, playing sports, in bars, in clubs or enjoying delicious Turkish dishes in fancy restaurants they will be out enjoying mother nature by the sea. Therefore, you better be prepared for a lot of swimming.

For those addicted to blockbuster Hollywood movies there are 3-D cinemas which show new releases in English for which students only pay half price. Just make sure you do not forget your student card.

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