South Korea Primary School Structure

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Primary education in South Korea is compulsory and free. At the age of six, children start primary school near their residence, with automatic progression to the next grade each year. An accelerated grade advancement system was introduced and allows gifted and talented children to skip grades.

Primary education

  • Ages                            : 6-12 years
  • Grades: 1-6
  • Duration: 6 years
  • Primary Languages: Korean
  • Terms                          : 2 semesters
  • Admission Term: throughout the year
  • School types: kindergarten, nursery, village schools, childcare centers

The primary curriculum here is focused on nine subjects including Korean language, mathematics, science, physical education, social studies, moral education, music, fine arts, and practical arts. The program is made up of compulsory subjects, elective subjects, and extracurricular activities. Elective subjects offered include Chinese characters and classics, computer science, environmental studies.

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