South Korea High School Application Requirements

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When applying for admission into South Korean secondary schools, parents of prospective students should note some of the basic requirements for various schools here which are as follows:

  • A completed, and signed Application Form.
  • Proof Of Staying Overseas (3-year residency outside Korea as stipulated by Korean law).
  • School Records for the last three years including report cards
  • official transcripts, standardized test scores
  • psychological testing results and any report of special services received (if applicable)
  • Three recommendation letters from the previous school.   
  • Health History Record
  • Passport and Foreign Registration Card  (parents and student)
  • Individual Screening
  • Payment of non-refundable application fee.
  • Sponsoring Organization Payment- If fees or tuition is paid by a sponsoring organization,  the school requires written documentation from the organization
  • a recent photo of the child for identification purposes.
  • A passport-sized image in jpg format (not more than 10 MB).
  • Official, valid Passport
  • a pdf copy of the ID Page of the Applicant and both parents
  • a Birth Certificate copy of the Korean Family Registry
  • For students with dual citizenship, submit a certificate of entry and exit for each passport.
  • Copy of valid Alien Registration Card (Foreign Parents)
  • A Letter of attendance from the current international school stating the date of initial enrollment.
  • Official report cards or transcripts showing completion of at least 6 semesters from a school abroad.
  • Official letter of attendance from the school abroad.
  • An Official Certificate of entry and exit (applicant and both parents).
  • Official transcripts or report cards for current and previous 2 years (Grades 9 to 12).
  • Confidential Recommendations
  • Letter of Recommendation Forms.
  • a copy of the student’s standardized test result(if applicable).
  • Students valid visa
  • study permit
  • Proof of Residence in South Korea

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