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Shopping in major cities in South Korea such as Seoul, Daegu, or Busan is a day and night activity that runs parallel to any western with the best in the west. It is one of the famous countries that combine in the world that combines the high-end luxury of gigantic malls with the hustle and bustle of the day and night markets. So whatever you are looking for from famous brands to the cheaper alternatives, you can find it in South Korea.

Where to go when you want to shop in South Korea;

Shopping malls: Malls in big cities are very popular with locals and tourists and busy with shoppers every day. There are many shops within the malls and a variety of items from clothes, food, and electronics, to household items and keepsakes, popular malls such as Times Square Mall, Starfield COEX Mall, or Shinsegae department store which is Seoul’s most legendary department store with eight floors packed with more than 300 world name brands and shops that sell everything from clothing, fashion, cosmetics and lots more.

Local Markets: Local markets or flea markets are a big emblem of Korean people and culture as they are a huge part of life in the country, these markets are also must visits for tourists as everything you can find is sold there. One popular local market in Seoul is the Kwangjang market, this is the largest weekend market in east Asia and has reached a landmark status as a must-visit place for visitors, its sheer size and diverse collection of merchandise will bring any seasoned shopper to awe.

Others include the Sokcho Jungang market in Sokcho, Seomun market in Daegu, Dongmun market in Jeju, Gukje market in Busan, and many others. Within these markets, there a variety of street-food sections offering some of the best Korean local delicacies and food products.

Supermarkets: If you need to shop for a smaller amount of necessities and groceries, head on to one of the popular supermarkets that are present everywhere in South Korea like NongHyup, E-Mart, Lotte Mart, Homeplus, Costco, and Hanaro Mart for their discounted prices and student bonuses, for large monthly shopping then you can head on to Lotte Mart or E-Mart supermarket for their very favorably prices and a large variety of product options both local and foreign.

Smaller convenience stores that are widespread and known favorably for their low prices include GS25, CU, Seven-Eleven, and Ministop, known for operating till very late at night for late-night shopping.

Popular shopping places, areas and districts in South Korea include;

  • Myeongdong
  • Namdaemun
  • Hongdae
  • In-sadong
  • Busanjin Market
  • BIFF Square
  • Lotte Duty-Free Shop

"Things are affordable over here." -Manuella from Slovakia

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