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What is very intriguing about this fascinating nightlife capital is that Koreans her take nighttime activities very seriously, they spend their night outs up until the morning hour and still keep going in some cases. Also, it is not just young Koreans that enjoy the nightlife in the city, even middle-aged people enjoy the many fun activities that Seoul the entertainment capital of South Korea.

When it comes to nightlife culture in Seoul there are three main well-known areas that people go out to for its bustling spots and attractions. There is ‘Hongdae’ is draws an early to mid-twenties crowd and a lot of university students. Then there is ‘Itaewon’ which is generally a foreign hub where a ton of foreigners and local Koreans congregate in a single area, mingling and having fun. Lastly, there is ‘Gangnam’ which is a high-brow area where you can find bars, pubs, and clubs frequented by the more affluent residents of the city, very similar to Vegas in the United States.

Walking through the streets at night you can see that South Korea is so themed and photogenic, and every spot is aesthetically pleasing. The city lights make for an incredible view from high buildings and the tech ambiance is very electrifying. Hongdae is ultimately the best party location for most Koreans in the city, it is basically where you can party, eat, drink, dance, sing and repeat in whatever combination that suits you all through the night until the subway opens again at 5 AM. Koreans even have a name for this process called “rounds” or “cha” and they enjoy the night in layers until they are tired enough to return home.

A ‘pocha’ is any nearby restaurant where people kick off their nighttime activities at, this is a traditional Korean restaurant that mainly focuses on serving alcohol at an affordable price compared to bars or clubs. They serve many meat and fish dishes with the popular Korean drink soju and there are several options scattered throughout Hongdae but feel free to explore the outskirts as well where you have cheaper prices.

One of the good things in South Korea is the presence of late-night eateries that are open all through the night into the early hours of the day, food options like fried chicken, pizza, burgers, and Korean street food are still delicious and sold hot at these restaurants.

Since Hongdae attracts a very young demographic, it is only normal that there are many clubs and bars present everywhere, and the most happening spots are located in the same district on the same stretch of the road. Surprisingly also, clubs in this area have an age limit so individuals over 30 might not be able to get into certain clubs and bars.

Most students in Korea enjoy the heavy game culture and they visit internet game cafes and nearby arcades after school to relieve the stress of the day. In Korea, one popular street food called ‘chimek’ which is the combo of chicken and beer is now a very significant part of the culture. Students have student meetings and club associations and events over a bowl of fried chicken and different cans of local beer.


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