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As a student in South Korea, your options for accommodation are hostel dormitories, shared houses for students, private apartments or flats, studios, and Airbnb. New students coming into the country for the first time must secure accommodation early enough as many universities do not have campus accommodation for foreign students. In the likelihood that there is none, students must source for their housing as early as before they arrive in South Korea.

We understand that finding suitable accommodation in South Korea as a foreigner can be quite difficult.

Allow RocApply to arrange some of the best options for student housing in South Korea for you, with our student accommodation services we aim to provide you with very livable yet affordable spaces that are tailored to your budget or specific needs.

South Korea apartments will often come with a washing machine, floor heating, and air conditioning which is even more so for newer buildings. Korean buildings are also very safe even though the crime rate is already low, most Korean apartments will require a gate front door key or a combination as well as the individual door key.

The first best option for foreign students coming into the country for the first time on a budget is shared houses, shared houses are living situations for students in a single room or double room with amenities such as laundry, heating, electricity, internet connection already installed at the facility.

Every room in shared houses comes with a storage unit, a single bed, a reading chair and table, refrigerator, and oven. The average price for a shared house is $250 to $350 and includes utility bills such as electricity, water, and heating.

Some private universities have dormitories that house all their students, both local and international. Dormitories typically cost about $1,500 to $2,500 per academic year, consisting of a bathroom and toilet as a separate unit, dorm rooms can house a total of four individuals separately or two individuals in a single room depending on the student's budget.

Dormitories have kitchens and laundry rooms and come all-inclusive with utilities such as heating, water, and electricity. We aptly inform all our students of the accommodation options available for them in the area where their university is situated and we secure them with their desired housing months before they arrive in South Korea

Private houses are also up for rent for students across the city, although they vary in prices depending on their vicinity, proximity from the city center, or how new the building is. Searching for off-campus housing for foreign students can be a bit of a hassle especially with traditional Korean landlords, however, there are English-friendly and foreigner-friendly renters who have affordable yet modern apartments.

Our team at RocApply has many housing agent-partners that assist our students at very reasonable prices. Please note that all private houses have a contract and guarantors must be provided in other to secure the trust of the house owner.


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