Car Rental in South Georgia and Sandwich Islands

There are no car hire options available in the South Georgia and Sandwich Islands. To get here, people have to travel by boat or ship. It is a very sparsely populated place with very rough terrain and little or no economic activity, hence the unavailability of car hire agencies. There are no roads on the island and the island is verymountainous and rough and hence travel by land is very difficult. Travel here is by cruise ship or yacht then the visitors disembark and continue on foot inland. 

Getting to South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

Due to the unavailability of air travel, the only travel option here is by boat or cruise.Various companies offer services to travel to the islands. These include:

  • Polar cruises
  • Bark Europa
  • Cheeseman’s Ecology Safaris
  • Quark Expectations
  • Golden Fleece Expeditions
  • Expedition Sail
  • Geographic Expeditions
  • Haka Expeditions
  • Polar Explorers

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