University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

Number of students
4250€ - 4462€
Semester Tuition Fees
Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
February 03, September 02
Application Deadline
Student - staff ratio
Nations represented

Offered Programs

The university offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The high degree of academic standards here will certainly put your skills onto the top flight. 

Applicants prospecting to study here will be assessed on an individual basis, based on their country’s academic qualifications and standards. The language of instruction and assessment for all programs at UNClan is English.

Examples of acceptable English language qualifications include:

  • IELTS 5.0
  • IGCSE English Grade C
  • TOEFL 80 
  • Cambridge Proficiency Level C1
  • Michigan Proficiency Pass

NB: For LLB & BA (Hons) English Language Studies a minimum of 5.5 IELTS or equivalent is required.

Applicants should hold a Bachelor degree with minimum grades as follows:

  • Bachelor degree or its International equivalent (at least Lower Second Class) or other professional qualification.
  • Proof of English Language knowledge of IELTS 6.5 level and above, or any other equivalent.

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University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus in Rankings


  • In the whole of Cyprus: 10

  • In the whole world: 10 330

Cost of living at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
University offers shuttles from designated pickup points within the city.

About University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) is a leading modern university with roots stretching as far back as 1828. Centred in the heart of Preston, UK, the university also has campuses in Cyprus, Cumbria and Burnley as well as 120 international partnerships.

The University of Central Lancashire is one of the United Kingdom’s largest universities with a student and staff community approaching 38,000. In international terms, the University has academic partners in vast regions of the globe and is on the world stage of academic excellence.

All courses here meet the quality standards required by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and the United Kingdom Quality Assurance Agency. Cyprus (local) students have access to British Higher Education at home, hold a choice of studying their programs entirely in Cyprus or transferring for part of their studies to the United Kingdom. All courses are taught in the English language.

Why Study at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

Research and Bussiness

The university of Central Lancashire has a focus on applied research and on providing practical solutions for businesses, large and small.

Modern Infrastructure

Modern style and design campus with 21st century infrastructure and facilities. Students can immerse into a healthy learning environment offered by the institute.

Affordable Education

Compared to many universities within Europe, UCLan tuition fees are rather affordable and students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships.

Competent Staff

UCLan institution has a diverse group of lecturers with substantial experience, having worked with respected international organizations worldwide.

Accommodation University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

On Campus Accomodation at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

Accommodation in the University of Central Lancaster costs between 150 Euro and 250 Euro per month on-campus. However, students can find cheaper accommodation off-campus.


Fully furnished studio type dorms with multiple bedrooms. Residents have to opt for an all-inclusive yearly package including canteen meals since cooking is not allowed in these buildings.


UClan also offers fully furnished apartment types dorms with a lounge, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and a balcony. Cooking is allowed, therefore it is not necessary to choose the all-inclusive package.

Off Campus Accomodation at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

On the other hand, off-campus accommodation (within range of the university) with similar features is available, with prices depending on the specific need of the student. Costs also include water and electricity bills. There is also a chance to rent accommodation from a private landlord or estate agent. Prices fluctuate greatly depending on the location and quality of the apartment, however, the price of housing here averages around 200 to 350 EUR per month

That said, students are often encouraged to stay on campus for at least a year as they find their way around and are hence able to find help from university staff at any time.

In case of assistance to acquire off-campus accommodation, the British University of Cyprus does assist it's students.

Sports at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

The University of Central Lancashire also values and appreciates the need for extramural activities allowing students to chill, wind-down, interact socially and network. The University intends through sport to create an open environment to encourage students to actively engage in sport and social clubs so as to promote the development of leadership and skills training.

Upon arrival, new students are informed on several sports and clubs that UNClan has, and are encouraged to take part. Some of the sports the university offers include: Athletics; Basketball; Tennis; Volleyball; Table Tennis; Swimming; Football; Futsal Football etc.

For students looking at taking sport more competitively, there's an opportunity to represent the university and be considered for a sporting scholarship. Furthermore, the University of Central Lanchashires is a member of Cyprus University Sports Federation (CUSF), and is actively engaged in competitions and sporting challenges all year round. Trials and thereafter selection of the best players are carried out at the beginning of each semester for each team.

Through sporting activities students are able to: Improved teamwork; Confidence boost; Better Time management; Improved interaction; have fun; meet new people; destress and relax etc.

Food at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

Cypriots can cook nice food particularly seafood and fish. These two dishes are just their specialties that will make you fall in love with the University of Central Lancashire. A downside (or an advantage) is the size of their portions – they are huge.

The food is quite delicious and looks appetizing. The chefs that operate on campus are skilled and trained to cook quality food with high standards of hygienic operations and service provision.

For students who reside off campus, they pay up to 10 euros for a considerably satisfying meal on campus while those who stay on-campus do only need to pay once for food service alongside with the tuition fees.

Transportation at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

The British University of Cyprus provides an efficient and reliable bus service so at to ease student and stuff travel concerns. The university offers free (identified and registered students) shuttle service around campus while there's bus around the city at designated bus stops, even into areas not covered by the city transportation provider. 

This service is free of charge for all BUC students upon presentation of their Student ID or registration form to the bus driver.

To complement the university efforts in offering reliable and efficient transport there are local commutes dedicated to the task of board students on fixed schedules.

The university busses are modern looking with WIFI, comfortable, spacious and air-conditioned.

About Larnaca

First of all, if you are in Larnaca you will get lost on the streets. Larnaka district is the most ideal place to experience authentic village life. There are many picturesque traditional villages made up of stone-built buildings and narrow streets all on your sight in Larnaca.

Larnaca’s tight streets will unveil part of the city’s charm with every step you take. The old houses blending in with new hotels, abandoned shops mixed with luxurious brands is a beauty to marvel. These ancient scenes tell a story you just need to discover by yourself.

Well, do not miss the Church of Saint Lazarus that is dated back to late 9th century, or the simply amazing Larnaca Castle. If you are a water lover, you can get boat trips around the bay – there are not particularly special, but it will be a nice way to spend your day.

In Larnaca, keep your eyes open for events because that is when Cypriots organise dancing shows and live spectacles to entertain their visitors. With more than hundreds of kilometers of bike trails, Larnaca is a biker’s paradise.

Here museums can literally be found on every corner of the district. There is plenty of art and cultural outlets to refresh your thoughts on and enjoy your stay in Larnaca.

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