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City Unity College Nicosia

Number of students
1800€ - 3450€
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Ø monthly cost of living
Scholarships available
May 18, May 18
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Offered Programs

Tuition Fees at City Unity College Nicosia

CityU is easily recognized as one of the prestigious institutions in Cyprus. The college offers certificate programs, diploma programs, bachelor's, and master’s programs. The institution focuses on various academic fields, hence, providing quality education to a wide range of students. The college is recognized by the Cyprus Ministry of National Education and Culture, hence, the degrees conferred upon graduation are accepted worldwide.

The college provides students with the opportunity to gain quality degrees from a European university at an extremely affordable rate. The tuition fee at CityU depends on your nationality and choice of study. The annual tuition fee structure for international students (non-Cypriot and Non-EU students) at CityU is as follows:

  • The foundation tuition fee for this institution starts at €3,500.
  • Undergraduate tuition fee starts from €4,200
  • Postgraduate tuition fee starts from €6,100

Application Requirements to City Unity College Nicosia

Apply to CityU on RocApply. Our online application system is designed to make the application process seem easy, very comprehensive, and navigable for all applicants. Our admission team is always present to answer all your questions, accept, and process all your admission applications with the utmost professionalism. It is important to note that application via RocApply is FREE. There is no charge whatsoever.

Application Procedure:

  • 1. Fill and complete an online application form via RocApply
  • 2. Scan and upload all the necessary documents that are required.
  • 3. An entrance examination is usually conducted to test applicants relating to their field of study.

Required Documents:

  • 1. The online application form completed on RocApply
  • 2. All acquired academic certificates or diplomas, copies must be certified and notarized by the appropriate body.
  • 3. Academic transcripts for graduate and post-graduate applicants and transfer students.
  • 4. A valid international passport or travel I.D.
  • 5. Health certificate
  • 6. Four recent passport photographs (3 X 4 cm)
  • 7. Personal statement or letter of motivation.


Select your Degree

Cost of living at City Unity College Nicosia

150 - 300 Euro / month
300 Euro / month
Cost of living
150 Euro / month
University offers shuttles from designated pickup points within the city.

About City Unity College Nicosia

Established in 2014 Type: Private programs: Below 20
Location: Nicosia, Cyprus Study mode: Full- Time and Part-Time Academic staff: 100+

Founded in 2014, CityU has grown to become a citadel of excellence and prestige not only in Cyprus but also in the Mediterranean. Due to its academic strides, the university has established academic connections with the Cardiff Metropolitan University as well as other foreign institutions.

CityU continues to show its educational progress in terms of cultural expression, research, business, and creativity. Its major areas of specialization wherein certificates, diplomas, bachelor and master level degrees are offered include international Hospitality & Tourism Management, Business Administration, Retail & Merchandising Management, Hospitality & Tourism Animation, and Administrative Support, Culinary Arts and Domestic Personal Assistance.

Through its association with Cardiff Metropolitan, programs such as 3-years bachelor’s degrees in accounting, Business Management, Computer Science, and Psychology are offered. Similarly, 1-year master’s degrees in business administration, International Hospitality & Tourism Management, Law (LLM), Health Psychology and others are also offered.

It is the goal of the college to provide quality education to students based on their time of flexibility. Hence, courses are arranged per the recommendations of the student. CityU takes adult education extremely seriously, and to this effect it has arranged course programs and structures that are extremely flexible.

One of the missions of the institution is to provide students with an outstanding education. The university seeks to increase student performance and growth. Besides these aims, however, there are many reasons to choose from such as Courses and Structure: the course structure at CityU is fashioned in a way as to increase development and productivity amongst students.

Its culinary program can easily be regarded as one of the best in Europe due to the course structure. Similarly, due to its affiliation with the Cardiff Metropolitan University, the postgraduate courses are shaped per this foreign standard, therefore, causing students to imbibe both foreign and domestic levels of excellence. The courses are also shaped according to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which is known as the best global credit transfer system.

Additionally, the classrooms, laboratories, and other offices are equipped with modern facilities as well as audio-visual equipment to increase learning abilities.

Student Life at City Unity College Nicosia

The nature of student life at City Unity College Nicosia entails vibrant extra-curricular activities as well as other forms of education that will promote student development. Other aspects of student life include:

Social events and festivities:

Social programs and events are conducted for students by the university and by the student clubs and unions. Events can cover topics such as health, human rights in Cyprus, college life, spring festivals, and other entertainment shows. The student clubs and other student associations are always keeping students entertained on campus through their frequent events. 

The administration of the college supports the various student clubs and encourages new students to join in the clubs they most identify with. Events are organized every semester by the clubs to celebrate the diversity of the institution and to showcase their gifts and talents. It is important to note that foreign and local tours are organized by the institution which contributes immensely to student growth and development.

Medical Care:

All international students possessing a residency permit (students staying over 6 months) may join the “National Health Insurance” or use private insurance. By joining the national insurance plan, the personal burden of medical expenses is significantly reduced. When seeking medical care, please be certain to carry the residence card.


CityU engages in the foreign exchange program with institutions in Europe otherwise known as Erasmus. The college as a member of the European Erasmus scheme conducts exchange students with other universities. All students can apply for Erasmus exchange programs and can spend a semester or less at another European university, providing them with the opportunity of experiencing different cultures and traditions while in a new learning environment.

Why Study at City Unity College Nicosia

Career Opportunities

The career center of the college provides students with professional support in their career choice. It helps students in setting up their CV, connecting students to places of work, and answers every concern student might have for office growth and professional life. Also, work fairs are organized by the career center for students to meet and discuss with business owners.


CityU combines its learning process with some of the most modern innovations and research facilities. Using these facilities and equipment, students are sure to experience quality education. Similarly, the research centers as well as laboratories are equipped with world-class equipment which is not only beneficial to the student but also makes learning fun, interesting, and easy. The grand library has with it thousands of books which can also be accessed using the online database known as Ebsco Host.

Academic Staff

The academic staff at CityU is a composition of both local and foreign experts. Professors, doctors, chefs, and business professionals make up the bulk of the academic staff. The university staff is also highly professional in the dispensation of their duties and they provide students with the best education available to propel them for a brighter future.


CityU is located in Lefkosia, which is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. Lefkosia. Lefkosia as the administrative center of the country allows students the opportunity to access public and private services easily.

Accommodation City Unity College Nicosia

On Campus Accomodation at City Unity College Nicosia

The college does not possess any on-campus dormitories for students, but the international student support office maintains close relations with homeowners, landlords, student hostel administrators, and other housing agencies. Through this relationship, students are sure of accessing secure and affordable accommodation.

The international student support office is in charge of all accommodation issues and will step in to help students sign leasing contracts as well as provide support for any problems with landlords. The range of available accommodation varies greatly, but all satisfy specific standards and are located within a short distance from the different campuses.

Off Campus Accomodation at City Unity College Nicosia

The budget determines what standard of off-campus accommodation will be rented. Location equally matters greatly, as houses in the city center cost more than those in the suburbs.

Students have the right according to their budget to select from several housing options and the university often assists them in arranging these accommodations with the landlords.

It should be noted that the cost of an average student apartment starts from €350 and students usually live in shared apartments to reduce the cost of rents as well as bills.

An off-campus rental will usually mean students are responsible for the utility bills, some contracts may state otherwise, hence, students need to be associated with a local when signing a contract if it is written in Greek.

There is stable electricity, water, heating, cable tv, and internet supply which comes at the expense of the tenant's use. Nicosia is however cheaper to live in compared to other cities in Cyprus, hence, students choose to study here.

Sports at City Unity College Nicosia

It is pertinent to note that there is no sporting center in the college, however, students are permitted to benefit from the wide range of sporting activities around the school premises. Being in the capital city, students can access sporting centers all over Nicosia and even in all of Cyprus at discounted prices.

Cyprus is deeply engaged with sporting activities such as swimming, skiing, football, basketball, archer, and many others. Students can access these facilities wherever they find them in Cyprus at lower rates compared to non-students.

Gyms and other general body fitness halls are also available to students. Students need to tell the gym owners or workers about their status in the country and the discount rate shall be applied. Government sporting centers can also be used by students on an appointment basis.

Food at City Unity College Nicosia

Being a capital city, there is a wide range of stores and restaurants accessible to students. On-campus, restaurants, and canteens are serving healthy and fresh meals to students at a highly affordable rate.

Similarly, there are coffee chains present on campus where students can meet and socialize over coffee. Nicosia is filled with numerous fast-food chains, restaurants, bars, cafes, and other eating points selling food at a very affordable rate.

The student can also cook their food. For students who choose to prepare their food, the cost of feeding in Nicosia is cheap, therefore allowing students the opportunity of buying food supplies from the market where they can make their food.

Transportation at City Unity College Nicosia

Public transport in Cyprus is served only by buses which are very cheap and very comfortable. Students are usually advised to live close to campus, hence, saving them the cost of transportation. There are also school buses which students can use for free of charge. All students are given a fixed 50% discount. Thus, a student pays half the price while using public transport services. Students are advised to show their student ID before claiming this benefit.

About Nicosia

Nicosia (Lefkosia in Greek) is the capital city of the Republic of Cyprus. It is a city with rich history drawing from many centuries ago. Cyprus as an Island has seen many civilizations passed through it, each leaving its legacy, and this is highly reflective in Nicosia. As the seat of power, there are numerous government offices and amenities present here, the serenity of the town can also be easily felt due to its low population.

There are numerous ancient or historic sites here, dragging in loads of tourists from all over the world. Cyprus is the jewel of the Mediterranean. It is extremely peaceful, and the citizens are very welcoming. Cyprus is filled with beautiful beaches, mountains, a perfect island formed in the Mediterranean Sea as well as a center of civilization.

Apply to study at City Unity College in Nicosia via RocApply and enjoy the beauty of Cyprus.

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