Student Life in South Cyprus

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Student Life in South Cyprus

The island of Cyprus is a pleasant warm fun, and peaceful destination, in which students have had no option but found themselves greatly enjoying and calling home. This has been evidenced by the number of international studies from across the world who continuously continue to pour into and choose Cyprus as their study choice.

Student lie in Cyprus is not only multicultural, vibrant, modern and diverse, however student’s greatest advantage has been the significantly affordable lifestyle and job opportunities which have often allowed students to explore and live life without any stress or worry.

Cyprus is a dynamic country just with different features tailor-made for the modern students ranging from entertainment halls, restaurants, sports centres, nightclubs, tourist resorts just to mention but a few.

With robust and energetic cities such as Larnaca, Nicosia, Limassol and pathos, students have a plethora of amenities and services catered for a university student to enjoy, with affordable restaurants and eat out spots, game centres, shopping malls, libraries, theme parks, beaches, kite-surfing, hiking etc. and cinema halls always updated blockbusters and in 3D.

Here more reasons why student life in Cyprus can be very attractive;

  • Cost of living is cheap and reasonable in comparison to regional prices i.e. food, accommodation, transport, going out
  • Diverse population with people from all over the world
  • Amazing universities and respective facilities
  • Beautiful Mediterranean weather
  • Secure and quiet country
  • Growing and student economy with permission and opportunities to work or international students
  • Amazing natural scenes or leisure beaches and mountains
  • Vibrant and active nightlife for students to enjoy themselves
  • Beautiful Mediterranean weather
  • Most places on the island are largely accessible and close students can travel a lot.
  • Culture language and food has a British influence hence students can easily be integrated

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