Student Healthcare and Medical Insurance in South Cyprus

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Student Healthcare and Medical Insurance in South Cyprus

If you are wondering how to go about insurance matters as a student, save your energy, we tell you about health and travel insurance options around the world. Our online detailed guide takes the hard work out of finding a new insurance plan, offering you with concise information about plans and coverage options so you can make an informed decision before travelling to South Cyprus!

There are many health insurance providers here for those looking to study in South Cyprus, or those planning to. Coupled with that, companies dealing with student health insurance here also have great international travel medical insurance plans that can cover you for short trips from up the first to the last day in college.

Comprehensive but affordable, international student health insurance plans are focused on meeting visa requirements and provide key coverage that universities want, like mental health, sports and maternity. With multiple plans and levels offered, healthcare institutions in South Cyprus have a plan for every international student budget and need.

Cost is average for consulting a doctor in a public institution that will cost about USD 50 and for a private doctor can vary between USD 100 to USD 120 depending on the city. There are student medical aids that are accepted by various institutions in Cyprus. It is advised to check with your offer letter on what procedures need to be followed on health insurance.

Important to note: Third-world countries students are those whose nationality is non-EU or non-EUA country. Students from Non-EU countries and who do not have permanent residency in South Cyprus, must purchase from their own a health and assistance insurance before arrival in the country. An international health and assistance insurance is recommended and offer the following benefits :

  • Valid for obtaining the travel visa to South Cyprus
  • Cover emergency medical costs in South Cyprus and worldwide (excluding USA/Canada)
  • Cover all assistance benefits necessary during studies here


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