South Cyprus Visa Requirements

 Visa requirements in South Cyprus

In order to study in South Cyprus, all international students are to have an authorized student visa which will allow them to travel to the country. The visa application process is usually a seamless and swift process given that it is done in time and all required documentation is submitted as per immigration request. The visa procurement process is done at the Cyprus embassy present within the applicant’s home country.

The process to obtain Cyprus Student Visa for international students. Under normal circumstances, the visa process does not take beyond one month before it’s issued however all students are advised to initiate the process well in advance so as to cater or unseen circumstances and delays.

Together with a service fee (amounting in the region- 60Euros) and biometric data, students are also expected to produce the following towards a successful granting of a student visa:

  • A Valid Passport
  • 5 most recent photos passport size
  • 2 Photocopy of Passport showing identification page
  • Completed application form( Obtained at the embassy)
  • Bank statement showing financial independence, support or assets to support the applicant’s ability to support self during the study period
  • Original academic certificates and transcripts including High school certificate, Bachelor’s, Masters’ depending on the level of study to be undertaken
  • Certified and authentic police clearance
  • Acceptance letter from the institution of study clarifying applicant’s details, choice of study Proof of tuition payment and length of stay
  • Proof of tuition fees or deposit payment ( Receipts and or confirmation letter from the university)
  • Certified medical examination record

Note: Other documents may be required upon request by the embassy and an in-person interview may also be requested with the applicant.

After all formalities have been carried out, successful students are then given a student, with a copy being inserted in the student’s passport

Upon arrival, all international students are required to obtain a residence permit and this is often done with the assistance of university international students office, however, students are also encouraged to contact the RocApply team is they require assistance.

All incoming international students are expected to report and register with the police within their first week along with their identification, police clearance and medical certificates from their home country.


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