Night Life In South Cyprus

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Nightlife in South Cyprus

For all night revellers and party freaks, Cyprus has got is definitely the right place or you. After a busy and well ought out day, after dark restaurants cafes bars and clubs come alive in Cyprus, allowing its frenzy young residents to come out, have fun wind down and relax into the wee hours of the morning.

Nightlife in Cyprus is characterized by vibrant spots such where students are always a common scene as they get to a party, network, makes friends and have fun with their peers while of course making new ones. In urban cities, the night lie is more active with local clubs hosting world famous Dj’s and artists to come and pleasure their dear audience with concerts and shows lined up all year round. 

As Cyprus has a diversely populous culture, this is also expressed in the type of night spots and music often witnessed. All genres of music are often heard in clubs including pop, hip-hop, rap, electro dance music, house music, Jazz and rock. With regard to food and drink, international students enjoy the best of both worlds with local and exotic treats (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that have them coming for more and feeling pumped to dance through the night.

All this fun and enjoyment wouldn’t be possible were it not for the peaceful and safe environment which prevails in Cyprus. Transportation is for the most part readily available for students with taxi operational late into the morning and affordable prices. On average to have a great night out students would be advised to have on them between €100 and €150 for everything covering food, transport drinks etc.

Evening and late-night entertainment in here ranges from taverns playing traditional tunes through live jazz and contemporary bars, late-night DJs and dance clubs to great evenings combining fine dining, catching the sunset and great conversation. The beach resorts provide the most choice in venues, and the nightlife hubs in order of liveliness are Ayia Napa, Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia. Eating out has mainly Greek flavors, although international cuisine can be easily found in the major tourist areas.


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