Jobs for Students in South Cyprus

Student Jobs in South Cyprus

One of the key questions on most student’s minds is will I be able to work and earn in Cyprus and the answer to that is yes. That said finding pert time employment is Cyprus will depend on al several factors to be discussed below, however jobs in Cyprus do provide financial relief and allow them to take care of their day to day needs.

Under Cyprus regulations, all student employees are expected to work or not more than 20 hrs per week while in school and 36hrs during school breaks. This initiative is not only convenient but allows students to also focus on their academics so as to assist then in managing their time more effectively.

Throughout the island employment conditions and wages differ depending on the region city or type o employment, however the general wage is around 10usd per hour. Not only will working part time provide students with much needed financial aid, but more so students are exposed to the working environment and also get opportunity to network and even solicit or internship I they perform exceptionally.

Students in Cyprus have to constantly be out and about searching for jobs as most offers are usually informal and students have do walk-ins when seeking employment. Although there are several jobs throughout the year, most part time jobs usually open up more frequently in summer as the island is abuzz with domestic and international tourists the main cities such as Nicosia, Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca present students with better job-seeking opportunities as they have larger populations, services and facilities.

So how do I get the job?

As RocApply we have gathered a few pointers to assist students when searching or work in Cyprus. These include but are not limited to:

  • Always have your CV in you well written and referenced.
  • Keep on the lookout or posts or vacancies firstly in campus then beyond
  • Learn the local language and get more up and close with local residents.
  • Look or openings around your residence to cut down transport costs and this even allows you to work late
  • Some places to seek employment include cafes, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, clothing stores, the library, car wash, farms.
  • Always be willing to get your hands dirty don’t be picky about job opportunities that come your way, be it housekeeping, fruit picking, waitering etc.

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