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Somalia though a bit restrictive on nightlife because of the Muslim culture is known for a new charm with entertainment spots emerging  in the cities. Unless you are not a fan, nightlife is thing for every student and Somalia is now allowing night activity in some of its! When the sun sets, the towns take on another life. You begin to see serenity, recreation, with entertainment in the hotels, at the array of beach hotels and tea houses.

In the suburbs, donkey carts and cattle herds roam the streets, grocery shops and hair salons are open late into the night, while youths play street soccer under solar-powered street lights. Musicians and bands are also re-emerging in Somalia, entertaining patrons at night. Among these is Aweeys Fanaan, who strums the kaban, a six-stringed Somali instrument akin to a guitar but shaped like a calabash. Every Thursdays and Fridays, musicians entertain patrons cozied up at the Beach views ans lit-up streets!

One popular site is the newly-reopened Peace Gardens, children play on seesaws under the neon lights, as the shrill of their voices breaks the still starry night. During the evenings, residents gather to share food and drink, an act they say fosters unity in their communities.Here is set of feedback as gathered from locals:

 In Bondere district, Faria Ali Noor talks about the importance of food in uniting people.

This plate can be eaten by four people. When we are eating even if we don’t understand each other, we are supposed to say, ‘asalaam aleikum,’ how are you these days? I am good!This is jus the breaking of the ice to an amazing union with friends and family

Faria says. Abdifatah Omar Halane, the spokesperson of Banaadir region says, “If I tell you about the situation of Mogadishu, it is hundred percent coming back to claim its glory in terms of cleanliness, development and its quality as a capital city. Thanks to God, after twenty plus years the town of Mogadishu as you can see, it is 11:00pm at night and we are rocking the town, visiting the entertainment areas. This is development; so much effort has been put into this”. Aweeys ends rather philosophically, “Love will flourish in peace. If there is peace, everything else will be alright. If there is no peace, there is no life.”

Shortly after sundown, young people gather to share food and drinks at popular restaurants.  Musicians and upcoming artists also entertain patrons at least once a week at this live music session - reminiscing the good old days with songs from the past years. In recent months, entertainment spots like this have emerged as a major attraction in the cities once a scene of deadly confrontation between government forces and insurgents. When the sun sets, this city takes on another life, with various hotels providing live night music entertainment for their audience - the artists mostly play old school music from the past.

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