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International students in Slovakia appreciate the advantages of its serious, dynamically advanced education framework. The Slovak scholastic year starts on 1 September and finishes on 31 August of the next year, and is made out of 2 semesters (the winter semester from September to January, and the late spring semester from February to June).

Courses are graded using the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Evaluations are given on a lettered scale, with A (1) speaking to good performance and FX (4) showing a failed score.

Students engage in a wide scope of student clubs and associations, extraordinary projects, and special events and arrangements offered all through the nation all year long.

Alumni of Slovakia's universities proceed to discover enduring vocational accomplishments in the corporate, non-benefit, and government areas – both in Slovakia and globally.

Slovakia offers so many exciting possibilities, as a country within the EU foreign students enjoy travel and adventure opportunities. Students can explore Europe, the cradle of western civilization, and all its grandiose beauty and history. There are also exchange programs (ERASMUS) that enable even foreign students to study in different major European cities, learning new cultures and languages.

Presently over 200,000 students are studying at higher degree levels, of which approximately 10,000 of them are foreign students from more than 100 countries worldwide. Most advanced education programs in Slovakia are instructed in Slovak, yet you will still discover many programs and courses that are taken in English and other foreign languages like Russian, German, Hungarian, Spanish, and French.

Foreign students learning full-time in Slovakia without surpassing the standard length of study don't pay any tuition cost (as with EU nationals), on the off chance that they study a program offered in the Slovak language. Be that as it may, they typically should pay an education cost if their full instruction is done in another foreign language.

The education costs for a study program at any level are set by every foundation exclusively. Charges for study programs offered in any language asides Slovak ranges from €700 to €10,000 per one scholastic year. The normal length of a full-time advanced education program in Slovakia:

  • Four-year certification program: 3 - 4 years
  • Graduate degree program: 2 - 3 years
  • Doctorate/PhD: 3 - 4 years

RocApply Tip; A few international student cards can be utilized in the Slovak Republic. These cards allow foreign students access to discounts on transport, convenience, cafés, films, shows, historical centers furthermore, art events. For foreign students, the most profitable one is the globally acknowledged card ISIC (International Student ID Card) and for educators the instructors' card ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card). Anybody matured under 30 (or then again 26, contingent upon the nation or locale) can get IYTC (International Youth Travel Card) or the European Youth Card offering their holders' different limits on anything from boarding passes to film tickets. The cardholders may likewise purchase medical coverage at a friendlier cost.



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