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Healthcare and Medical Insurance

The healthcare framework in Slovakia falls under the services of the Health Ministry in the country. In Slovakia, there are state-led and private health facilities. An underlying clinical assessment is given by state or private general health care facilitator.

Everyone has access to a general doctor who as a rule gives fundamental medical services and can refer to other specialized doctors for advanced treatment.

International students with medical coverage can receive healthcare services in Slovakia covered by their insurance agency. Contingent upon the sort of treatment administered, the insurance company bears the cost either fully or splits in half.

The other half is handled by the student and paid to the health provider either state hospitals or private hospitals. Foreign students without medical coverage will have to pay fully for any medical service that he/she receives in Slovakia.

Health insurance in Slovakia

European Health Insurance Card

EU/EEA/Swiss nationals are qualified for health insurance under similar conditions as the nationals of the Slovak Republic. For access to clinical treatment based on medical coverage in another Member State (EU, EEA, Switzerland), an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen must present a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to healthcare facilitators in Slovakia.

The EHIC is usually reserved for people who have already existing medical care coverage in their respective EU countries. In such a case, the treatment of an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen will be the same as a Slovak national and all healthcare treatments and services will cost the same as with a Slovakian native.

Foreign students from other countries

International students coming to study in Slovakia under specific bilateral agreements or who receive an international scholarship from the government of Slovakia are eligible to receive healthcare treatment and medical insurance for free. They must present all the necessary documents and prove their enrolment status to the Ministry of Education.

Lastly, other foreign students must possess private health insurance alongside their residence permits, as this a very crucial requirement by the government of Slovakia.


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