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The application cycle for entry into higher institutions in Slovakia changes from one university to the next. Relying upon whether you want to start your study program at the undergraduate (Bachelor) level or graduate (Masters, Ph.D.) levels of study, each department at different universities have certain requirements as well.

General admission procedure for bachelor studies in Slovakia:

With the goal for you to apply for first cycle programs at higher institutions in Slovakia, you should follow these (2) principle steps as clarified here:

  • A high school leaving certificate or senior secondary school certificate is required for bachelor admissions. This document must be authenticated by an official body in your home country.
  • Present your application through the RocApply’s online centralized system.

The most effective method to apply for graduate (second and third cycle) degrees at public or private higher institutions in Slovakia:

  • You should present your application to your preferred school.
  • Alongside your application, you will likewise need to submit proof of your past education in the form of a bachelor degree certificate and academic transcripts
  • Some universities require that all official documents should be translated, however, this requirement is subjective.

Application Requirements

For admissions into Bachelor programs, the applicant must;

  • Have finished Senior Secondary School Education
  • Have successfully passed their placement exams into universities in their nation of origin.
  • Meet all the specific program requirements if necessary. A pre-imperative is a subject any candidate must meet before being permitted to enlist for a course.

For admissions into Master’s programs;

  • On the off chance that you are applying for a Master's program at any university in Slovakia, you are required to hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in a relevant program.

For admissions into Ph.D. programs;

  • On the occasion that you are applying for doctoral admission at any university in Slovakia, you are required to have a significant master's and bachelor’s degree.


  • While applying for a spot at higher institutions in Slovakia, it is your CGPA from your past education alongside different prerequisites that truly decide if you will be admitted. Therefore, always check with your host university about the basic grade average criteria that you have to meet.


  • All international students must present officially authenticated results and documents to be considered for acceptance and pass the official Slovakia University placement tests, which are taken two times every year remotely in the student’s location. Every University sets its application and processes, however, we are here to help you with all the necessary information about the university you intend to apply for. We advise everyone to apply well ahead of time, to be considered early and move on to the visa stage.


  • Students who plan to complete their studies entirely in English must prove that they have at least intermediary level knowledge of the language. Universities have English assessment tests, but generally, students can present test scores from any internationally recognized English test such as IELTS, TOEFL, CBE, etc.


  • The first week in June; the deadline for the Fall semester (October).
  • The first week in September; the deadline for late applications for the Fall semester (October).
  • The first week in December: the deadline for the spring semester (February).

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