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Traveling to this wonderful country would rather be complete when you have embraced the culture and lifestyle of the natives! RocApply dedicates this guide to educate you on the culture of the Eustatians to make your stay as seamless as possible!

St Eustatius commands an interesting and diverse history. While today the island may seem like a sleepy piece of paradise and a perfectly untouched wilderness, it was once the most important port in the expanding territories of European powers. The country is only strongly linked with the US, as it was the first to officially recognize the newly formed United States of America as an independent nation, in an act that is known as the ‘first salute’.

The people are different to other Caribbean personalities in many ways. They are most spiritual and religiously conscious. Eustatians are by nature open, thoughtful and generous. They love a party but will have time for anyone, they like people, no matter what ethnicity, race, and disposition.

They make time for reserved and shy people and draw them out with disarming innocence and charm. They will rise to the occasion on any occasion to shoot the breeze and grin and joke with the most outrageous personalities of our age.

The Caribbean is full of people who are larger than life. They fill your mind with their humorous speech, their walk, their engaging looks and their unceasing energy and love of life. Eustatians have children who will never grow old, no matter what their age, they insist on having fun. Personalities are no exception to the rule, but Eustatians will surprise with their warmth,  casual charm and intrigue.  The country is a reflection of its people.

The people are spiritual and religiously conscious. They are by nature open, thoughtful and kind. Eustatians are people full of compassion and courtesy! This is evidenced by the level of security and peace the country offers. You will likely stay for the entirety of your study period unbothered here! There is no need to contemplate about studying here. The country lives up to its fame! Make your application today with RocApply and get started to roll with everyone else here.


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