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If you are intending to study abroad in an amazing Island nation then brace yourself for Sint Eustatius! RocApply welcomes you there on this website! Enjoy your education abroad experience in beautiful Sint Eustatius, seize this opportunity to experience a new environment…

Long and short term academic cources are available in Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba across many universities and educational centers. International students and researchers may apply to BA, MA, PhD and postdoctoral research courses in Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. Moreover summer schools and conferences are another excellent academic activities that makes Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba an attractive place for scholars and scientists.

Most programs also come with fully funded scholarships and fellowships as well as travel grants and financial aid, thus every students, researcher and professor can always find a suitable program in Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba and apply. We are frequently wandering and thinking about what the optimalchoice for us would be, which is the right route. People may think that it is an easy decision, but mostly it’s not especially without expert-advice. If you are not quite sure where you want to study, we have got the best answer for you: Sint Eustatius!

Opting for one of the best universities in Sint Eustatius to study abroad for a degree program is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. Not only that but applying with RocApply will widen your chances of realizing an education here.

These schools will serve as a great beginning for your career path and also give you the best path you need to excel in your line of study. Universities, colleges, medical schools, engineering schools, and law schools in the country have met the set standards of formal education with high-standards and well-known in the academic circles.

A testament to its diversity, the country also gives international students the chance to experience and understand a place with a turbulent, yet unique history. You can learn all about it while pursuing your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any subject you like. We are committed to making sure your dream to study in a multicultural environment is brought to reality at “one-stop”!

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About Sint Eustatius

St Eustatius, a small yet remarkeable country, has had a couple nicknames in the past, including the “historic gem” and the “golden rock,” although today most people refer to the Caribbean island as simply “Statia,” an abbreviation of its full name. It is a tropical island like no other, a true jewel crossed in history and culture. The island has not succumbed to over development like many other tropical beach countries, making it an unrivaled nature retreat, with wonders to behold both on land and under the surrounding Caribbean blue Sea.

Diving is highly popular here, and since the entire surrounds of the island is protected by a marine park, a little trip under the warm waters of the Caribbean can be a very rewarding experience. Travelers and locals alike also take to the waters by boat at every given opportunity, as the tranquil environment of the Caribbean lends itself well to blissful and calm pastimes. Also not to be missed is a visit to the country’s interior and hiking on the fertile slopes of the dormant volcano, an area filled with wildlife.

The island is filled with comfortable, high standard accommodation as a result of its legacy as part of Europe. St Eustatius was colonized by the Dutch in the 17th century, and today remains part of the nation and shares its top standard of hospitality. The island has not been overrun with development like so many other Caribbean islands, and much of the accommodation here comes in the form of ex-colonial structures with beautiful exteriors, while the interiors are modernized to today’s standards. The locals, numbering just 3,500 people, are extremely welcoming, always greeting visitors with a warm Caribbean smile.

The country is a humid tropical island, with temperatures averaging about 80°F throughout the year. Seasonal variation is minor and temperatures never exceed 85°F. The rainy season in Eustatius is August through December. April and June also experience mild showers, but these are generally short-lived. The best time to visit Srt. Eustatius is during the dry season, between December and April.

The island has one airport, situated in the capital city of Oranjestad. It is also possible to reach St Eustatius from the nearby island of St Maarten on a scheduled ferry service. The island itself is only 8 square miles across, taking just an hour to circumnavigate by car. There are many car rental companies to choose from or, alternately, you can get around the island by taxi, which offer set, but reasonable, rates.

About Sint Eustatius's Economy

The knowledge of economic performance for a given country can serve a long way in choosing which country to pick for a semester abroad! To this aid, we have made sure you keep well-informed through our Sint Eustatius Economy guide what entails domestic and foreign income here. The information is overall but you may need to read more on the reviews from trusted sources to gain a deeper understanding of the economic performance.

The economy of St. Eustatius is primarily based on the government, oil-transhipment, tourism, commerce, harbour initiatives and the medical school. In a distinction between export based and non export based activities, the source for prosperity is mainly based on export based activities, generating income from outside which then is available for supporting non export based initiatives on the island.

Presently, Statia’s island economy largely depends on a limited number of exports based activities of which Nustar Terminals and its suppliers are the most prominent. To a lesser extent, tourism and the school of medicine contribute to the island’s income as export based activities, just as the activities in agriculture and fishing.

These primary initiatives enable employment in suppliers and service companies, such as the energy and communication sectors, construction and services. By far the most important employer on the island is the government which is largely gets finances from taxation and levies.

On two of the three islands of the Caribbean Netherlands, the value of the gross domestic product (GDP) increased in 2014. On Bonaire the increase was 4.1 percent, on Saba 1.8 percent. According to Statistics Netherlands, St Eustatius was the only island where the value of GDP declined relative to 2013, (-4.4 percent).

On average, the population on Bonaire was 17,911 in 2013, versus 18,659 in 2014 (last census). The population increase on Bonaire was more or less consistent with GDP growth. Consequently, the per capita value of GDP was also about the same as in 2013. On St Eustatius, the population hardly changed: 3,959 residents in 2013, versus 3,949 in 2014. This resulted in a GDP decline per capita of 4.2%.

Why Study in Sint Eustatius

Affordable Tuition Fees in Aruba
English-speaking country
Sint Eustatius is an English-speaking nation where people speak English language in their unique Eustatian accent. Don’t fret! If you know English, you can understand what they are saying, and they will understand what you have to say!These reasons makes it one of the best destinations for an international education!
Affordable Accomodation in Aruba
Great Destination
To call Sint Eustatius natural heaven will not be an over-statement. The country is a naturally rich country with beautiful beaches and breath-taking views! While that’s not a direct benefit, but a huge indirect benefit of pursuing your degree or any other education in Sint Eustatius. Sint Eustatius' nature will keep your study abroad calm, relaxed, and happy!
International Environment in Aruba
Great community of students
In Sint Eustatius, there’re various medical institutions. Across the universities, hundreds of scholars hailing from different regions of the world are studying medicine in Sint Eustatius, which ensures a great community of like-minded people as well as diverse-minded scholars.
Great Weather in Aruba
US-based Education
Sint Eustatius universities followsthe US-based curriculum that makes sure that you study the very best out there. Also, being a Caribbean country that Sint Eustatius is, you get plenty of opportunities to do internships in countries across the Caribbean as well as in the USA, Canada, and other countries. That opens a world of global opportunities.

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