Flights to Senegal

If you intend to travel to Senegal there are several international flights that you can use and if you intend to travel within Senegal, there are flights available as well. Some of the airlines include:


Royal Air Maroc.                                        Brussels Airlines                                                

Air France                                                   Iberia flights                                           

Ethiopian Airlines                                         Air Algerie                                           

Turkish Airlines                                               Fly Emirates.                                      

TAP Air Portugal                                           Delta airlines

Air Cote d'Ivoire                                         Air Senegal

Air Italy                                                       Vueling Airlines


Airports in Senegal

Senegal has several airports in major cities. These serve both national and international routes. We provide you with a list of airports that you can use to travel to Senegal and to get around in Senegal.

Leopold Sedar Senghor International Airport-this is an international airport located in and serving the capital, Dakar. It is a public airport but sometimes used for military purposes. It was formerly known as Dakar- Yoff International Airport. It has 2 asphalt surfaces and can handle different kinds of planes. In 2015 alone, it served more than 1 900 000 passengers. The Dakar- Ouakam Air Base is also located at the airport. It handles several flights including Air France, flies emirates, Lufthansa cargo, Med Airlines, and Turkish airlines, to mention but a few.

Blaise Diagne International Airport- it is an airport located near Diass in the Thies Region about 43 km from Dakar. It serves as the main airport for Dakar. It serves flights from Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States of America among others. It is administrated by the Government of Senegal. It is the hub for Senegal’s flag carrier, Air Senegal.

Bakel airport- this is a medium-sized airport in Senegal that serves the region of Bakel.

Cap Skirring Airport- this is an airport that serves Cap Skirring in Ziguinchor. It is a public airport, with an asphalt surface. It is serviced mostly by Air Senegal and Transair.

Dodji Airport- is an airport serving the town of Dodji in the Louga region. It is a small public airport.

Linguere Airport- is an airport serving the city of Linguere. It is a public airport and has a dirt surface.

Saint Louis Airport- is an airport serving Saint Louis. It is a public airport with two surfaces, an asphalt surface, and a grass surface.


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