Student Life in Senegal

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Student life in Senegal can be best described by several activities that are done by students. This can assist students to adjust to students' life in a foreign land.

Sightseeing- Senegal is a destination with great sites to visit. Students take some time out with friends and colleagues to enjoy the great Senegalese outdoors.

Theatre- there are a couple of theatres located in Senegal where students can enjoy local productions and traditional Senegalese events.

Camping- Camping is a group activity that can assist students to mingle with others and they can teach each other new things in terms of culture and customs or general things. It is also a way of spending their time when not in class

Clubbing/ late movies- when talking about student life, then a great nightlife cannot be ignored. There is an array of nightclubs and movie houses where students can spend their weekends and wind off school stress and pressures. It is a great way to meet people and get to know the place.

Social Clubs- this is the most common way to fit into society and adjust well. Social clubs provide a great platform to learn new things and to get to teach as well.

Sporting clubs-student join sports clubs to keep fit and at the same time make new friends. Sports are a way for them to connect to a whole new world in a foreign land. It is an opportunity to showcase their talent.



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