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Shopping in Senegal is mostly dominated by markets. There are several markets located around Senegal selling a range of wares, clothing, artifacts, jewelry, and fresh fruit and vegetables.  

  • Sandaga Market- this is a food and household goods market that is located in downtown Dakar. It gives shoppers a glimpse into Senegalese life and character. You get a wide range of both food and other household artifacts, fabrics, clothing, and traditional artifacts all in one place.
  • Carrefour Market- it is a French supermarket chain in Senegal located on 8600 square feet. It is a competitive retail store with the best brands of groceries, household goods, appliances, confectionery, butchery, and fresh fruit and vegetables. For all stationery needs of students, Carrefour has got you covered.
  • Auchan- this is one of Senegal’s leading supermarket chains selling French brands, international brands, and some locally produced items. It has about 22 stores all over Senegal. It is a market leader in Senegal in terms of groceries, food, appliances, confectionery, and fruit and veg shopping in Senegal.
  • Marche Kermel- this market is located in Dakar behind Sarraut Avenue. It is a place where you can find a mixture of foodstuffs and souvenirs. It is a building with stalls where locals sell their wares. You can find a range of products and you can also negotiate for the price.
  • Sea plaza- this a shopping mall or complex with high-end retail shops, a spa, upmarket apartments, 3 cinemas, and a bowling alley. This mall provides convenience because customers can get their products in one place and also enjoy entertainment from the cinemas and bowling alley.
  • Score supermarket- this is a grocery, food, and household goods, confectionery supermarket that is located in Dakar on Hassan Avenue. It is a one-stop-shop for all your grocery and household needs.
  • Soumbedioune- this is a small fishing village in Dakar. This is where you can find and buy a variety of fish. You can also buy locally made crafts like woven baskets and some local souvenirs.

"I enjoy shopping and I found it affordable but some of the clothes are definitely not of the highest quality." - Hassan from Turkey

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